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Fox’s Star Returns!!



Fox’s new musical, drama series, “Star,” returns. On the second episode, this week brings another pair of real stars in guest spots: Naomi Campbell and Tyrese Gibson as a pastor.

This week is the girls need to record a demo to enter a contest and if they win the contest, they’ll get to perform in a music festival coming to Atlanta.

But to record the demo it, they need money, and the deadline is in two days. Once Star finds out who Alexandra’s father is, she feels betrayed and bamboozled. Alexandra should have informed them that her rock star dad was Roland Grant but she wants to make it on her own and not because she is the daughter of a famous musician.

Alexandra and Derek are definitely getting their freak on together. Alexandra tells Derek she ran away from her father and “a really bad situation,” and her mother’s dead. Derek’s mom is dead, too and so is his dad, a cop shot in the line of duty. They bond over having dead moms and he tells her she’s going to make him fall in love with her.

In the salon, Star tells Carlotta to work out whatever issue she has with Jahil, Carlotta doesn’t trust him and she is afraid of what he may do to the girls. Simone is the only person in the group who has real issues and is worried people will see them if they win the contest. She is causing these issues herself and she is swallowing pills and liquor at the same damn time. That is a no no, but she will soon realize that liquor and prescription pills don’t mix. Simone is just concerned her rapist foster father will come find her; she can feel he’s not dead.

Jahil is in his apartment doing lines of coke and complaining to his mother on the phone that $200,000 of his money has gone missing. Carlotta knocks at the door and he says, “Look, I’m in the middle of something.” Carlotta punches him square in the face and says, “Now is good!”

This is why you hire A-listers! She yells at him for letting the girls perform at his godson’s party, but he argues he has a “gut feeling” about them.

These two have a lot of history, somebody needs to tell these girls the truth about them and their mother. The show is okay, I love the music but it isn’t Empire. Carlotta says she’ll tell them how he got their mother Mary hooked on drugs, and Jahil counters and reminds her she had Star and Simone and lost them.

While Alexandra is dancing in the salon, her rich famous parents catch her dead in the act on the floor and demand she goes home with them. She refuses, her passion is music and she knows they have a group that can go all the way. Alexandra’s mother is an alcoholic and Alexandra has been taking care of her since she was a little girl and she is done.

When everyone in the shop, as well as Carlotta, Star and Simone learn that Roland Grant is Alexandra’s father, they all feel betrayed and so does Derek. He opened up to her and now he finds out she is a liar, he also felt betrayed.

Star tried to seduce Roland in his hotel, she was soaking in a bubble bath when his wife walks in and she was livid. She tells Star to get out of the tub immediately and she is so angry with her husband because she believes her had sex with a minor. He claims he didn’t but he is naked and Star is taking a bubble bath, yea okay.

Simone gets a chance to sing at the church and she has some vocals but she collapses after her song due to the liquor and the drugs. They rush her to the hospital and we pray all is good.

Alexandra threatened to leave the group because Star tried to sleep with her father for a record deal. When Alexandra finds out, she is more than angry and decides to quit the group. Needless to say, she didn’t leave she would rather deal with Star, Simone and Carlotta rather than her mother.

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Black Panther’s Michael B Jordan & Lupita Nyongo



Black Panther the movie was great, an all black movie with all black characters was amazing too see. The actors and actresses really stepped up and did their thing. I was thoroughly impressed with this movie as well as the entire cast.

The movie is definitely breaking all box offices all over the world and other countries as well, we shouldn’t have expected any less but what’s more juicier than the movie? Its the tea behind the scenes that has the fans, viewers, staff and other celebrities talking about the chemistry between Michael B Jordan and Lupita Nyongo.

Talented and handsome Michael B. Jordan and the beautiful Lupita Nyong’o may be allegedly creeping on the low low and if they are, please reveal yourselves, we love to see another beautiful black couple making waves in the movie industry together. Both are talented actors and actresses, they are lovely too look at together, we see a match made in heaven.

The two have have actually been doing some devilish flirting on social media and keeping close to each other while making public appearances. The way they look at each other is not from one cast mate to another, its like I want you now from the both of them. It’s so cute though and you know we are suckers for love.

The flirting began on Monday when Lupita shared a video of her storming into Michael’s dressing room at The View and wanting him to do a push up. According to reliable sources close to the actress this wasn’t the first time she had shared a video of Michael, the two made a bet on the set of the Black Panther, and Lupita won the bet, her prize was to command Michael to perform ‘on call pushups’ anytime she wanted. Well, he does work out, look at his biceps, she should have thought of a different type of exercise but it’s still cute.

Monday Michael replied to her video with a now deleted tweet that read: ‘Bring them chocolate cakes back. You ready for round 2?’

Lupita then replied: ‘No dessert until you come correct, @michaelb4jordan! ‘#youknowyouwantthis #youaintready.’

Let’s get it on ya’ll!! They would make a delicious couple, hopefully something does come out of them making the movie a success as well as a romance. Black Panther was phenomenal.

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Cardi B At The Grammy’s



Break out reality star Cardi B is ready for the Grammy’s!! Whatever, she puts her hands on, its a hit, she’s got the magic touch and this is her year!

The former stripper and reality star was asked what was she most looking forward to at the Grammy’s? Cardi answered, “Me, hopefully winning an award. Like what else? Like that’s all I think about to be honest.” Sounds just like a Cardi B answer to me, she holds nothing back, we love her no nonsense style, her craziness and her ability to just be real. She is also excited for her man’s group Migo’s who are also nominated.

Cardi B and Bruno Mars are expected to perform there breakout song, “Finesse,” tonight on the Grammy’s! I so love this song, it takes you back to the 90’s on the “In Living Color,” stage with her and Bruno Mars. What I love most about this song, Cardi is having so much fun, the smile on her face says it all and the connection she has with Bruno in this song is amazing, they both deserve to win!!

Check out the video below:

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