Former LHHNY Tahiry Happy For Joe & Cyn

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Former Love and Hip Hop New York cast member Tahiry Jose seems to be enjoying life without her ex-boo Joe Budden. Fans and viewers really wanted these two to get married but it wasn’t in the cards for them and that’s okay.

Tahiry and Joe had a long relationship, she’s a spitfire and Joe is very calm, for some reason they worked, but Joe just couldn’t be happy with one woman. He just wasn’t ready to settle down and when he was to ready to ask Tahiry to be his wife in New York in times square, she turned him down but they are still good friends. Sometimes the friendship is more valuable than the relationship.

Tahiry is living her fabulous life in Los Angeles and she’s definitely not living in the past. Of course fans want to know how she feels about her ex and Cyn expecting a baby together, she posted an Instagram video from LA traffic, where she responded to fans asking if she heard the news that her ex-boo was expecting a bundle of joy with Cyn Santana and she moved right past that question.

Tahiry is focusing on herself and not talking about Joe or Cyn, she has no no ill will towards the couple but she has moved on with her life and the fans should as well. She was joking about people telling her to take out her braids and sharing that she was going to see one of her favorite rappers Kendrick Lamar in concert. But these fans wouldn’t let up, inquiring minds want to know how she felt about Joe and Cyn expecting. The fans continued to no avail saying, “Joe’s having a baby with Cyn,” she decided she needed to respond because they keep coming for her wanting an answer.

Tahiry clapped back, “Naw, it came up in my feed. I’m genuinely happy for them. We have NO beef. I forgot y’all like messy s–t. And don’t know us. Or my heart. FOH. Pls stop trying to make it into what’s not.”

Tahiry is a spitfire, she doesn’t get jealous but the way she responded to the fans, that’s a real grown a$$ woman and one of the reasons she was a star on the show. We hated to see her gone but she’s moving on to bigger and better thing. She kept it short and classy, we wouldn’t expect anything less from Ms. Tahiry Jose.