Former LHHATL Erika Pinkett-All Eyez On Me

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Former Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Erika Pinkett had a pretty good role in the movie, “All Eyez On Me.” I was surprised to see her in the movie especially the way she played herself on the hit reality show. She’s no actress but the part she played fit her very well, when she was on Love and Hip Hop she wanted a relationship with Scrappy or she was just playing a role to remain relevant and that didn’t work out at all. Whatever the case may be, at least she isn’t trying to make a living off reality television.

This was Erika’s first major role, allegedly she has been acting for years and it has now paid off. Erika says that one of her biggest challenges was being in a violent relationship to becoming a domestic violence survivor. She has talked about her violent history before on Love and Hip Hop and we could see in her eyes that she was telling the truth. Being hit by your man or your boyfriend is nothing to laugh at but we are glad she spoke about it and she was able to get out of that violent relationship.

Erika grew up in the hood, she claims she had big dreams but never thought she would be where she is today. She grew up in Boston and when you grow up in the hood, it definitely makes you street smart, strong and able to handle anything coming your way.

How Erika secured her role in the Tupac movie, she met a casting director in Atlanta, they met for five minutes and that’s when the light bulb hit her smack in her big a$$ head and she discovered she was into acting. I’m definitely not believing that, she’s no actress, the part she played was right for her, she acted the same way she acted on Love and Hip Hop, it was really nothing special. However she says ten months later the casting director texted her and asked her to come in for an audition for the Tupac movie and that’s all she wrote.

She played the role of Brianna, her character is the woman who accused Tupac of rape and eventually sent him to jail. That part about the movie and the rape, I learned today, I never knew he was on trial for rape but she played her role like she was supposed to. It’s definitely good to see her moving on to bigger and better things, she has a daughter and she has to make sure she is well taken care of. I’m pretty sure her daughter is very proud of her mom.

When Erika was on Love and Hip Hop she had major issues with Bambi who was dating Scrappy at the time. Scrappy was flirting with Erika, he claimed she was his best friend until she set up a romantic evening for the two and it scared him. He was playing with fire, he was with Bambi and she had just lost their baby and when Erika mentioned that to Bambi, the two fought like cats and dogs.

Allegedly, Erika says she was attacked in the bathroom at Atlanta’s Taboo Club on June 9 2014. Erika believes the attack was a hit by Bambi, one thing about Bambi, she doesn’t need to do a sneak attack, she will just attack your a$$, now fans of the show really believe they are friends with these reality stars and they will take it upon themselves to protect and defend that reality star. Yes it sounds crazy but its true.

Erika allegedly told the police she was leaving the bathroom of the club when she was attacked her from behind, she was hit in the face and the person threw her down on the ground where Erica’s face and arm was slashed with a razor.

Allegedly Erica told the police that she believed Bambi of Love and Hip Hop was the reason she was attacked! She may have been attacked because of her smart a$$ mouth and bad attitude but even she doesn’t deserve to be attacked by anyone. Whoever attacked Erika at the club left the club immediately before the police arrived, ironically the police found enough evidence to arrest Stephanie Nicole Harp on charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. At least the attacker was arrested, slicing Erika in her face was a sign of destroying her beautiful face and for me that’s a woman who is jealous of the way she looks. Damn shame, you’re at the club in the bathroom and you get attacked. Their is always three sides to a story, Erika’s side, Stephanie’s side and the truth lies somewhere in the middle.

Its been a few years and Bambi has never been arrested or charged, so its safe to say that she had nothing to do with Erika getting attacked. However, that incident is over and her role on Love and Hip Hop is in her past, she has moved forward with her life, look at her now.