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Flavor Of Love Girls!! Where Are They Now??



Flavor Of Love Girls!! Where are they now? We have gathered the ten women of Flava Flav’s reality show who made a statement back then and some of these girls are still causing commotion. Who would have ever thought Flava Flav’s show would be hit? VH-1 is airing 14 days of love and going back in time and re-running Flavor Of Love!!

Check out these ladies from then until now:

Nicole “Hoopz” Alexander: Flava Flav choice Hoopz as his one and only but we definitely knew that was fake as HELL!! After she won, Hoopz started an on-again, off-again relationship with basketball player Shaquille O’Neal. Hoopz’s public breakup with Shaq was documented on her new docu-series “It Takes A Sister,” on Oxygen which sucked. Now, Hoopz is going strong with her fitness line, Hoopz Fit and her boutique Heaven On Earth in Tennessee.

Larissa “Bootz” Aurora: Bootz says she is now divorced and raising her children in Las Vegas as a single mother. “I am collecting my checks, going to school to get a degree in business,” Bootz continued, “What people don’t know is I was in a car accident two and and a 1/2 years ago so I have not been able to continue my position as a reality personality because of injuries and legal reasons.” Yeah, her checks would get cut but I don’t recall her on any other reality shows though.

Tiffany “New York” Pollard: Ms. New York made a scene day one of being on Flavor Of Love. Even after he rejected her twice, she finally got her own dating show, “I Love New York,” which pf course didn’t last. New York, New York Goes to Hollywood, and New York Goes to Work, Tiffany has entertained on countless TV shows, such as E!’s Botched, TV One’s The Next :15, VH1’s Family Therapy alongside her mom Sister Patterson, and memorably on the U.K.’s Celebrity Big Brother. You can currently see Tiffany on her new web-series Brunch with Tiffany premiering February 9th on She’s reaching, she’s getting old and she isn’t married, she has to keep those checks coming.

Leilene “Smiley” Ondrade: Smiley has continued acting, modeling, and mostly producing since her days on reality TV. A single mother, she manages her daughter’s aspiring singing career now. She is also pursuing a post-graduate degree. In 2016, she revealed that her appearance on Flavor Of Love saved her from an abusive relationship.

London “Deelishis” Charles: She was the silent killer, she won Flavor Of Love and she is a hometown girl, Detroit and now she continues to win. Deelishis is the morning host on Radio 1’s Hot 107.5 in Detroit. She is a single mother to two daughters, a frequent Instagrammer, and party host. In 2016, she appeared on the season five finale of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta with Stevie J.

Becky “Buckwild” Johnston: Becky says, “When I went on the show I absolutely wanted to be Flav’s girlfriend. He’s a great guy. Unfortunately, he was already in a relationship at that time, unbeknownst to us all on the show.” Buckwild now works as a manger for a toy store and “loves it,” and keeps fans up to date on her life on her blog She and Saaphyri are BFFs.

Schatar “Hottie” Sapphira: She is now married and a mom, whoever married her, I’m sure he is regretting it. According to her website she is a self-proclaimed: “producer, global actress, author, vocalist, beauty pro, and techie.” You can also learn how to sport eyelashes like Hottie with a video tutorial you can purchase on her site. In 2017, Hottie told VH1 she wrote a book under her pen name Star Sugarman. Something ain’t right with her still!!

Shay “Buckeey” Johnson: Shay was featured on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta in a love triangle alongside rapper Scrappy. Shay says, “The most memorable moment for me was when I was eliminated only because it was unexpected. I really felt that my connection with Flav was bigger than the incident I was eliminated for.” Shay has started her own hairline Shay J Bliss (a proceed of which go to a Breast Cancer Foundation each year) and a fitness line.

Saaphyri Windsor: Saaphyri created a unisex lip balm called Lip Chap but then she served jail time for identity theft. She was released in 2010. She said, “my feelings were very genuine for Flav. I believe we would have definitely become serious had I stayed in the house longer.” Saaphyri most recently appeared on E!’s Botched to have her breast job corrected and says she’s best friends with Buckwild who’s garage she uses for storage.

Brooke “Pumkin” Thompson: Her appearances on Flavor of Love, Charm School and I Love Money Pumkin appeared in a Playboy Channel soft core film. Brooke has all but disappeared from social media but in 2016, she now works at an accounting firm in Bakersfield, CA and is single with no children.

I can’t believe these women really believed this was a dating show with a man who could never brush his teeth. He had gold teeth and he reminds me of a little black ant, I wouldn’t care how much money he had, he was a mess then and more of a mess now.

Just watching these episodes brings you back to Pumpkin spit in New York’s face, when Hottie tried to cook a whole chicken in the microwave, when New York gave her millions on millions of temper tantrums, it was just so many epic situations!! Thanks VH-1 for bringing it all back!!

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Black Panther’s Michael B Jordan & Lupita Nyongo



Black Panther the movie was great, an all black movie with all black characters was amazing too see. The actors and actresses really stepped up and did their thing. I was thoroughly impressed with this movie as well as the entire cast.

The movie is definitely breaking all box offices all over the world and other countries as well, we shouldn’t have expected any less but what’s more juicier than the movie? Its the tea behind the scenes that has the fans, viewers, staff and other celebrities talking about the chemistry between Michael B Jordan and Lupita Nyongo.

Talented and handsome Michael B. Jordan and the beautiful Lupita Nyong’o may be allegedly creeping on the low low and if they are, please reveal yourselves, we love to see another beautiful black couple making waves in the movie industry together. Both are talented actors and actresses, they are lovely too look at together, we see a match made in heaven.

The two have have actually been doing some devilish flirting on social media and keeping close to each other while making public appearances. The way they look at each other is not from one cast mate to another, its like I want you now from the both of them. It’s so cute though and you know we are suckers for love.

The flirting began on Monday when Lupita shared a video of her storming into Michael’s dressing room at The View and wanting him to do a push up. According to reliable sources close to the actress this wasn’t the first time she had shared a video of Michael, the two made a bet on the set of the Black Panther, and Lupita won the bet, her prize was to command Michael to perform ‘on call pushups’ anytime she wanted. Well, he does work out, look at his biceps, she should have thought of a different type of exercise but it’s still cute.

Monday Michael replied to her video with a now deleted tweet that read: ‘Bring them chocolate cakes back. You ready for round 2?’

Lupita then replied: ‘No dessert until you come correct, @michaelb4jordan! ‘#youknowyouwantthis #youaintready.’

Let’s get it on ya’ll!! They would make a delicious couple, hopefully something does come out of them making the movie a success as well as a romance. Black Panther was phenomenal.

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Cardi B At The Grammy’s



Break out reality star Cardi B is ready for the Grammy’s!! Whatever, she puts her hands on, its a hit, she’s got the magic touch and this is her year!

The former stripper and reality star was asked what was she most looking forward to at the Grammy’s? Cardi answered, “Me, hopefully winning an award. Like what else? Like that’s all I think about to be honest.” Sounds just like a Cardi B answer to me, she holds nothing back, we love her no nonsense style, her craziness and her ability to just be real. She is also excited for her man’s group Migo’s who are also nominated.

Cardi B and Bruno Mars are expected to perform there breakout song, “Finesse,” tonight on the Grammy’s! I so love this song, it takes you back to the 90’s on the “In Living Color,” stage with her and Bruno Mars. What I love most about this song, Cardi is having so much fun, the smile on her face says it all and the connection she has with Bruno in this song is amazing, they both deserve to win!!

Check out the video below:

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