Empire Recap!!

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Empire Recap!! Empire Records partnered with racist high-end designer Helen von Wyeth to bring mainstream appeal to the label with a fashion show. But this woman is as a racist as they come. As Empire’s female pop star, Tiana was set to headline the fashion show but not without restrictions, such as wearing straight hair.

“I expect to be able to run a fine-tooth comb through her hair by show time,” Helen demanded.

The show’s newest power couple Andre and Nessa plotted to replace Tiana while Jamal finally uncovered the real source of his PTSD. A bomb is going to explode and it will have something to do with Nessa and Andre. He is definitely more like his father than he wishes to be and he is fallen for Nessa but is she really falling for Andre?

Ever since Nessa hooked up with Andre, her dark side has made one hell of a debut. With the help of her new boo, Nessa snatched the spotlight from Tiana when she “accidentally” set Tiana’s gown on fire and secretly recorded her meltdown about Helen’s racist tactics.

“Helen von Wyeth will destroy me for this,” Tiana yelled at Nessa. “That b—h didn’t even want me in her stupid white-washed show to begin with.”

When the clip leaked online, Andre naturally performed damage control. Basically, he strong-armed Helen and cut off her daughter’s hair to ensure Nessa clinched the performance instead. That is some devious and scary sh$t, Andre is dangerous, how do you cut someone else’s daughters hair off while they are sleeping at home and in their bed? Don’t cross the Lyons, payback is torture.

After Helen felt a Andre’s wrath, she allowed Nessa to perform a song about Black girl magic with huge, natural hair. That only made Tiana pissed and she then realized that Nessa set her up but it was ultimately Tiana’s fault for running her mouth. In this day and age, their are recording devices everywhere, especially on a cell phone.

Hakeem realized Andre and Nessa sabotaged Tiana’s entire performance, where he was supposed to make a cameo to resurrect his career after his failed live stream. “So you planned this whole thing right from the jump?,” he confronted Andre. “You’re not gonna get away with it, bro.”

Hakeem later comforted Tiana as Nessa’s fashion show performance aired. Chemistry brewed again between the two, but no sparks just yet. During tea with Lucious and Anika, Grandma Lyon publicly accused Lucious of physical abuse. Overheard by Tariq, he tried to flip Grandma Lyon to help make his case against Lucious. Is he that dumb? Lucious is always one step ahead of the game. By show’s end, however, her crazy act was revealed as a plot planned by Lucious to find out why his half-brother hates him. The truth? “It’s all ’cause of Joe,” she told Lucious about his father. “He’s jealous of everything you got, especially your memories of your daddy.”

Now that Lucious knows Tariq’s Achilles heel, it’s only a matter of time before he uses his weakness to stay out of jail. Fed up with his father’s ways, Jamal confronted Lucious with a new song about Lucious’ “heartless” behavior towards the entire Lyon lot. Though Jamal thought the tune would turn the whole family against Lucious, but Hakeem and Andre sat silently without saying a word, they are more like their father than they let on.

“You can’t release that song Jamal,” she said. “It’s not black and white.”

As he stood up to Lucious alone, Jamal learned some hard truths, including the fact that Cookie’s the culprit behind Freda Gatz’s father being killed.

“You’re standing there breathing because I’m willing to do the dirty work necessary to keep this family safe,” Lucious said. “When your mama called in a hit to clean up a mess that she had made with Freda’s father, who do you think answered that call?”

Lucious may be wrong about a lot of things, but not this time. DAMN, DAMN, DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!