Dutchess Left Ceaser & His Negative Energy!!

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Black Ink Crew Dutchess claims she left Ceaser along with Black Ink and its negative energy, she has a lot of damn nerve to even let that come out her mouth. Now, there is definitely something wrong with this trick, the negative person at the shop was her crying a$$. She’s a very talented tattoo artist and so is Ceaser, but when know one in the shop likes you, you have to look in the mirror and fix that face and that nasty a$$ attitude.

Personally I’m glad these two aren’t together anymore, she put so much stress on Ceaser and he did her the same way, they did not need to be together and I happy to see Cease move forward with his life.

Dutchess claims to be having the time of her life now that she and Cease are no longer together. As soon as Dutchess touches down in North Carolina, she’s seems to be happy but with Dutchess you never know what’s twirling in that big a$$ head. I didn’t know the chick had any friends, her only friend in New York was Sky, so now she has friends in her hometown? Yea, okay I don’t believe that for a second, but I digress. Her alleged friends seem to notice that in New York, Dutchess was always stressed as opposed to being carefree when she’s home. Her friends weren’t in New York with her, when it come to Dutchess, everything is a problem and she stresses her own self out along with Cease and wants she wants him to chase her.

She claims after seeing Cease out having fun, she says she can’t even be mad because they aren’t together. She realizes all the Black Ink drama and the people involved, made her complacent and now she’s ready to move up out of NY to find her inner happiness at home. She has been wanting to go home for awhile and when she opened her Pretty In Pink Tattoo Shop, I knew then she wasn’t coming back to New York.

Dutchess was just twerking at some party and she uploaded the video to Instagram, so obviously she isn’t thinking about Ceaser or Black Ink. He helped her to get where she is. She learned the ins and outs of the tattoo world and moved on with her life and a new shop. Yes, I feel like she used Ceaser for her shop but I really believe she was in love with him in the beginning. There were too many cheating rumors about Ceaser and she just drained him, she also alienated him from his friends, no one liked her and I really believe that’s another reason why she wanted to go home.

Allegedly, Dutchess is now dating Zack Sanchez of the Carolina Panthers and it looks like she couldn’t be happier, he has no idea what he has signed up for with Dutchess. She speaks on how she and her new boo met. She also addressed a post fellow Black Ink Crew star Donna shared where she points out that fans think Dutchess is fast for moving on too quickly.

“Yo my followers are so funny! They said “Dutchess a hoe” ctfu. Thats the same thing she said about me! Ha! But go head boo boo….he cute…..i think i like him too….😉 #ZackSanchez #DonnaM #BlackInkCrew #BossUp #HeFromNorthCarolinaToo #ToldYouCeas #CheatinSince16 LOL #GoodMorningFolks! 🍵”

She looks into the camera to show off a beautiful view to prove to fans that she is happy and unbothered with a shirtless Zack just chilling in the background. Yeah, Dutchess, you out here, was Zack the man you were texting all night when you guys went to Miami for Sky’s surgery and when you guys returned, you allowed Donna to eat your p$ssy? Inquiring minds want to know!!

Don’t feel too bad for Cease, it looks like he may be falling for another tattoo artist anyway and she is definitely pretty, hopefully she has some skills in the art world. I’m just glad to Cease move on without that fake, phony crying crocodile no smiling a$$ tears Dutchess.