Drake & J-Lo Cozied Up Together!!

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Rapper Drake gets around, social media is on fire with rumors of the Grammy Award winning artist allegedly creeping with Jennifer Lopez. I certainly pray these are rumors, I get that Drake loves women but Jennifer Lopez doesn’t seem like his type. Their is a difference in their ages and I have a feeling she may not be digging him the way he may be digging her.

The pair posted a goofy pic to their Instagram last night which is serving as evidence of their affair. It seems to confirm rumors that the couple has been sneaking around with each other recently and their flirtations are really starting to build after Drake attended J.Lo’s show in Las Vegas and documented it.

There is also talk that Rihanna is angry about the relationship and has unfollowed both of them on Instagram after the news broke. A couple of months ago Drake was professing his love to Rihanna, now he is pictured up with J. Lo, yeah something ain’t right. Rihanna loves Drake and he loves Rihanna, a blind man can see that.

I really have a hard time believing Drake and J. Lo are a couple. There have been reports of the two working in the studio together on new music and people always assume a relationship has taken place when truthfully, they become close after working in the studio for hours which sometimes can lead to days. Drake is due to release a new album in early 2017 as is Jennifer.

J. Lo is a private person, she doesn’t usually flaunt her personal life on social media. It’s not like she was hiding her ex-boyfriend Casper from anyone, but when you did see him on her social media, it was usually with other people.

We also know that Drake is constantly dating women and he doesn’t run around posting about all of them on his Instagram. To be so public now, when he wasn’t with, Rihanna and Serena Williams, seems odd, even if they are more private than J.Lo. Openly thirsting after women is in the DNA of Drake’s brand, he can’t help it, he loves women.

“That picture of them together, all hugged up, made Rihanna sick,” a reliable source close to the Barbadian beauty reports. To the point where she wanted to throw her phone down three flights of stairs.”

The most logical explanation for all this could be, Drake and J. Lo may be having a sex thing that will mysteriously end sometime after their albums are released. Rihanna is probably just doing them a favor to keep the story in the media cycle for a few extra days. It has to be an album thing, like I said before, I just can’t see Drake and J. Lo as a couple.