Drake & Ggurl Model Jhonni Blaze!!

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Houston’s V Live dancer Jhonni Blaze stirred up a lot of controversy online after she told a fan that she might be pregnant by Drake. A follower asked her to set rumors straight about her possibly carrying Drake’s child, and she responded with “maybe.”

Jhonni then opened up about messing around with the “Trophies” rapper after hitting it off at V Live, but says things went downhill after she allegedly caught him in a lie. The famed model and dancer claims that Drake “put a price on my head” after he thought she was going to expose him online.

BallerAlert also spoke with Jhonni, who gave more intimate details about her tryst with Drake, and says that things were good until she asked him about bringing her co-worker Lira Galore to Toronto. Photos of Lira posing in a bathroom that looks identical to a selfie Drake took made Jhonni question the rapper’s motives with her.

The dancer says after confronting Drake he told her that Lira was going to be in his music video, and he didn’t owe her an explanation after only hanging out for a week. Jhonni claims that the YMCMB star sent men over to her home to shake her up in case she decided to expose him, and she later filed a police report about the incident.

I believe Jhonni may be jealous of Lira, my heart would be hurt too because Lira was a friend and they were both Ggurl Models, they were in this game together and just because your head is swelling up from the notoriety doesn’t mean you get to say or do whatever you want. I really hope Drake didn’t send goons after her, he has too much to lose and I don’t feel that in his character but this 2014, sh$t has changed. If she is pregnant by Drake, wow he needs to slow down. I understand being young, rich, talented and good looking places you on another level. But in life, looks fail, so don’t think because you look good now that you will be looking that way forever.

As far Lira, I think what she did was sneaky and she back stabbed her friend Jhonni

, you don’t do that but GOD don’t like ugly and he ain’t too fond of pretty.