Dougie Fresh Sues Empire!!

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Rapper Doug E. Fresh is allegedly suing the hit drama series Empire with a lawsuit over music copyright. It seems to me that Empire is getting sued from left to right since the show has been in existence. I believe due to the show’s success, people are coming out of the woodwork saying the show is using their music without their permission and maybe they may have wanted to be apart of the show and was turned down.

Doug E. Fresh and Rasheed Rahan Wonder reveals the details of the case:

“Publishing mogul and CEO of Wonderboy Entertainment, Rasheed Rahan Wonder has teamed up with Doug E. Fresh and songwriter Unique Mecca Hall to officially file a Multi-Million Dollar lawsuit against Fox’s top-rated show, “Empire”. The lawsuit contends that during season two of Empire, the show sampled the 1993 Doug E. Fresh hit song, “I-Ight” (Alright). The track was illegally sampled and used in the song “No Doubt About It,” which was performed on episode 3 by Pitbull and Jussie Smollett, as well as featured on Empire: Original Soundtrack from Season 2 Volume 1. The song was produced for the show by Timbaland, who was recently replaced as the musical director of Empire after two seasons”.

Rasheed Rahan Wonder of Wonderboy Entertainment is representing song writer Unique Mecca Hall who was also a pioneer in the early days of rap as well as Dougie E. Fresh. In the lawsuit Unique Mecca Hall is currently serving a life sentence plus 20 years in prison for an 848 King Pin charge, whatever that means, doesn’t sound like murder though. Damn, that’s a whole lot of years in prison, he is looking at never being released. However, his years in prison have not been without purpose, allegedly he is being released from prison soon due to new evidence with his case. I’m sure this brother can breathe now with a release date coming soon. Also, Rasheed Rahan Wonder is in negotiations to produce a Unique Mecca Hall bio titled, “Paid In Full 2”. That is a movie I would love to see, I have watched, “Paid In Full,” so many times that I can watch it again and again. Looking forward to seeing, “Paid In Full 2.”

This may get ugly, if Empire is using songs or music without the artists permission, they are entitled to a piece of the pie. Doug E. Fresh has been around for years, I’m sure if Lee Daniels asked the mega superstar for use of music, I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t have a problem with it, especially if he was receiving the huge coins but its too late now, unless they settle out of court.

Lee Daniels has a hit on his hands, but so many people want to get at him and that’s only due to the show’s success. Sometimes this could be good and sometimes this could be bad, who wants to be associated with a show that has several lawsuits pending? But, with the many lawsuits, it could get people to watch the show to see why Empire is being hit with so many lawsuits that could increases the ratings. We pray it all works out, I would hate to see a great show like Empire end.