Dear Mama–Jodeci Performs!!

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Dear Mama on VH1 aired Monday May 8, 2017 and the entire show was great. Lala Anthony was super beautiful and handled herself like the professional she is even with all that she is going through. Her partner in crime who hosted the event with her, funny man Anthony Andersen, continues to elevate himself every year and we’re just happy to see him in a position that he deserves.

DJ Khaled surprised his beautiful son’s mother Nicole Tuck by having Jodeci perform their hit “Forever My Lady.” There son is too cute and the love DJ Khaled has for Nicole and his son is priceless.

However when Jodeci performed, “Forever My Lady,” which was and still is one of the greatest hits ever, but watching K-CI perform was amazing, he definitely hasn’t lost it but as he sang in the audience he hugged Mary J’s mom, you know him and Mary have a past, but then as he is singing, he actually pats Anthony Andersen’s mom on top of her head, its funny now but I couldn’t laugh when I saw it the first time.

K-CI was doing his thing and I really believe he wasn’t paying any attention to his performance, they did a phenomenal job just like Robin Thicke, Gladys Knight and Maxwell.

It was an amazing show!