Daytime Divas Bombed

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Daytime Divas premiered Monday night on VH1! Daytime Divas was supposed to be based on former The View co-host Star Jones who is also the executive producer. The reviews from the first episode were not so great and the first episode bombed!!

Every weekday at noon, Maxine, Mo, Heather, Kibby, and Nina hosts of The Lunch Hour, which is watched by millions of viewers as they discuss life, love, politics, and gossip.

However behind the scenes, the real drama begins with these ladies as they fight to keep their disastrous personal lives as private as possible, and their petty rivalries at a minimum at least while the cameras are rolling.

With Monday being the premiere episode, I was not impressed, if a show doesn’t grab my attention within the first few seconds, I’m tuned out. I was really looking forward to embracing this show especially with Vanessa Williams and Tichina Arnold. If this show is supposed to based on The View, what’s with the supposed spoofs? The View was a serious talk show and they still have serious topics they discuss, why wasn’t Daytime Divas semi sort of in that fashion?

It was way too much, it was very disorganized, I have no idea who those other women are who are also hosts on the show. From the reviews I have been reading, the first episode was a bust and I can’t see this show making it through the first season. It needs to be tweaked and they need to get rid of at least two of the newer actresses, keep Vanessa Williams and Tichina Arnold but change up their characters, if not this show has already failed!