Damn Amber, 21 Savage

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Thotalicous Amber Rose is always with someone new, I guess her past sexual indiscretions weren’t able to satisfy her, she is always with someone new! Damn, no wonder her p$ssy is hairy and looks like a monkey!!

But I digress, these men better learn, when the industry has allegedly f$cked a woman you want to stick your d$ck in, you may want her to get tested, that’s all I’m saying and he needs to get tested also.

Word on the street, Amber Rose is now hanging out with 21 Savage, rumors are swirling that these two are creeping on the low low as the two were seen leaving the club together.

“We ain’t doing all that. Come on, dog,” says 21 Savage as he sees a cameraman creeping up on the two. Amber and her alleged new boo try to get in the rapper’s red Ferrari when the video stops.

So the cameraman allegedly asks Amber about her pledge of celibacy and of course she doesn’t answered, I’m pretty sure she f$cked the rapper that night, allegedly and this is my opinion and I’m sticking to it. This is the same chick who has a “slut walk,” every year glorifying its okay to be a slut as well as posting her hairy a$$ p$ssy on social media then asking women to follow her lead. GTFOH!! That’s a nasty b$tch and I hope 21 Savage doesn’t think he’s on the come up because he’s creeping with a THOT on the low, low.

Social media was on fire when she uploaded that bushy p$ssy as another worthless cause for women not shaving their pubic hair. So many people were turned off by that hairy sh$t, men and women but you will always find that one who loves a hairy p$ssy and her sh$t looks like it smells but hey, that’s on the suckers who f$ck with her, obviously they must like it and so does 21 Savage.

Well, this is just another tell, tell story of Amber Rose, how long will this fake a$$ sh$t last? Who cares, “The Doctors,” please hit Amber in her DM’s and tell her how unsanitary her p$ssy is with that nasty a$$ hair that went viral!!