Ciara Gives Birth To Baby Girl

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The gorgeous and talented Ciara and husband Russel Wilson give birth to a bouncy baby girl. Congrats to the happy couple, its amazing to see Ciara in a different place than she was last year, fighting with ex-boyfriend Future over there son. She rose above his shenanigans with Russell by her side and kept it moving.

Ciara and Russell named their precious daughter Sienna Princess Wilson, just a few hours ago when the baby was born. It seems like her pregnancy came and went, it happened so fast but, I’m sure she’s relived that her daughter was born without any complications and I’m sure her baby weight will be gone within a matter of a couple of weeks.

Ciara and Russell revealed their baby girl was born a few hours ago on InstaGram, I’m just happy she gave birth to a beautiful daughter, but this may cause more issues with ex-boyfriend Future. He claims he never gets to see their son but he doesn’t try, he just wanted to make Ciara’s life miserable because she had moved on with another man.

How can Future be upset about his ex-girlfriend getting married and having a child? I’m sure he’s in his feelings but we will never see that side of him. He had numerous affairs while he and Ciara were together, not only that while they were together, he hooked up with one those baby mama’s and she became pregnant with Future’s child. His opinion doesn’t matter, he has enough to worry about.

Ciara’s son has a sister now, ain’t it blessing? I’m quite sure they are happy that their family is complete unless Ciara has another baby. That may be a while, I’m sure she wants her body back, but she is extremely grateful for her bundle of joy.

No, there are no pics of their newborn, maybe later on the couple will posts pics on social media when they are ready too, and we are waiting to see their precious Sienna Princess, I love that name.

Congrats again to the happy family! Inquiring minds want to know how Future feels about Ciara’s newborn? He really has no room to talk when he has too many kids to count, who cares what he thinks. Ciara has moved on and she is happy as HELL and so is her husband.