Chyna Says Tyga & Rob Lying On Her!!

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Blac Chyna is a little upset due to her son’s father Tyga and her daughters father Rob allegedly ganging up on her together and spreading lies about her.

Did Chyna forget that she went there first yesterday when she claimed that Tyga doesn’t pay child support and alleged that he is also a switch hitter? Now, she’s playing the blame game and it isn’t cute.

According to Chyna, Tyga and Rob are allegedly friends, getting close as fathers since their children are siblings but that is really suspicious to me, I can’t see them being real friends but they might be working together to get back at Chyna for the rumors she has spread about both, in the past and now currently.

Allegedly Tyga and Rob apparently are spreading rumors that Chyna is trying to get back with Tyga even though he is still with Kylie and she just gave birth to her daughter by Rob. If these rumors are true, why would she want Tyga back after he went after her BFF Kim K.’s younger sister at 16? If they were to get back together, he would cheat on her again and probably a 15 year old. Once a cheater, always a cheater.

I believe Chyna is still hurt by Tyga when he left her for Kylie and now, allegedly he isn’t paying her paid her child support, so she decided to air out his dirty laundry on social media which is immature, their son will grow up to be a man and read about her and his famous rapping father. Her paychecks must be getting smaller and smaller for her to go at Tyga like that and then to believe in her mind that the two men she has children with are ganging up on her.

Chyna claims she only reached out to Tyga for him to make arrangements to pay their son King’s nannies, I don’t know Tyga as I have stated before, but I can’t see him not taking care of his son when he is always with him. I’m sure Tyga has a reason or these could be lies but I don’t believe their is a conspiracy between Rob and Tyga, its her mind playing tricks on her.

Tyga confided in Rob not too along, his child’s mother reached out to him and he assumed they were going to discuss child support for their son King, when in Tyga’s mind that was further from the truth. Tyga claims his son’s mother wants him back which baffled him and Rob, the man without a brain naturally revealed this information to Chyna.

Apparently, Tyga and Rob seem to have gotten closer as fathers ever since the breakup up betwen Chyna and Rob, but how close are they if Rob turned around and told Chyna what Tyga said about her wanting to get back together? I still don’t understand how the two are ganging up on her and how Rob and Tyga are besties. This whole situation is dumber than a box of rocks!!