Chyna & Rob Not Being Investigated

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Rumors were swirling this past weekend about Rob and Chyna along with the welfare of their beautiful daughter Dream. Earlier today is was reported that a child protective case worker was concerned for Dream’s well being, due to the couple’s explosive behavior. Social media is not everyone’s friend, so when you post things like drugs or fighting, somebody is watching and that seems to be the case with the volatile relationship that Chyna and Rob have.

Rob has always had personal issues with himself, he feels like the outcast in his famous family and he allegedly battles depression, his weight, and has been agoraphobic for years, while Chyna is allegedly still a partying and dating multiple men and having fun, well she is single, she should be able to date who she wants. I never believed these two were in a real relationship, maybe Rob believed that but I just believe Chyna wormed her way into Rob’s life to get pregnant and it worked.

Several media outlets are reporting that California DCFS opened an investigation into Chyna’s supposed drug use. Rob put his daughter’s mom on blast by posting on social media that she popped Molly and drank alcohol excessively. Then Chyna allegedly filed a restraining order against Rob alleging that he beat her, that restraining order made him look bad when it comes to fatherhood. All that ranting and raving on social media will get you caught up.

Now we learn that DCFS is not investigating the couple, several reliable sources report that “There is no DCFS investigation, there never was anyway, there never has been, not to the best of anyone’s knowledge. They haven’t showed up at Chyna’s house.”

Chyna was granted a temporary restraining order against Rob in July of this year when his Instagram rant went viral, this is when he posted her nude pics and alleged that she cheated on him and used drugs, among other allegations. The restraining order is still in full affect, they are not allowed to be in contact, they share custody of Dream only. How can they co-parent with a restraining order? This poor baby, she’s innocent but she will be the one to pay for her parents immature behavior.

Only time will tell if they are being investigated by DCFS, what’s done in the dark, eventually comes to the light. There are always three sides to a story, her side, his side and the truth lies somewhere in the middle.