Chyna Allegedly Crushing On Kanye!! SMH!!

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Allegedly Blac Chyna who was BFF’s with Kim Kardashian and who is supposed to be BFF’s with Amber Rose has formed a highly inappropriate crush on Kanye West!

Reliable sources close to Blac Chyna reports, “She’s always found him highly attractive and has told a number of gal pals that she’d sleep with him in a heartbeat.”

“For months she’s been cooking up ways to spend more time with him, hoping to make a move when Kim’s not around,” reliable sources are reporting. How could she be attracted to Kanye when her BFF Amber Rose used to date him and he is now married to Kim. When her ex-BFF found out her little sister Kylie was sneaking with Tyga on the low low.

So will Amber Rose and Blac Chyna ever be friends again knowing that she wants Kanye after Amber was with him. This is some crazy sh$t, Rob needs to run away from everyone including Blac Chyna. How does Kim feel about these allegations and the rest of the Kardashian clan?

Sources have no idea that he’s been played like a total fool by Chyna, who’s been laughing at him behind his back the whole time they were together and openly going after other men.”

His sisters tried to warn him about Blac Chyna but he wanted to do things his way, that his problem, he will need to man up and demonstrate that he doesn’t care.

“But hitting on Kanye was a low blow even by her standards,” a reliable source close to the family is stating. Blac Chyna has the right do what’s best for their daughter. Someone needs to walk away, reflect on life and move forward.