Chris Brown Is THEEEEEE Shit!!!

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Singer, rapper, actor, dancer, artist and father Chris Brown seems to get a lot of flack from people and it seems pretty petty to me. He is still young, he is living his life while raising his beautiful daughter and no one ever wants to say anything positive about him, its always negative.

Envy and jealousy are the worst traits and he has some straight up haters around him who he needs to get rid of. The artist is soon to release his eighth album, “Heartbreak on a Full Moon.” Usher and Gucci Mane will be featured on this album as well.

Chris Brown’s new song, “Party,” is just another great song, he is so talented and I can watch him dance all day. The video for “Party” was made available on December 18, 2016, on iTunes, YouTube, and Vevo. The video showcases various artists and they are in the videos as well. I’m loving this song and I love the way he moves his body. I wish people would be concerned about his music and not his private life. He has a right to privacy just like everyone else.

Allegedly, a few days ago Chris Brown was allegedly involved in a nightclub altercation with a photographer, allegedly Chris split his lip and whoever this persons is, plans to press charges against the entertainer. This sounds like a set up and everyone seems to be after Chris Brown one way or another. Now, the club in Tampa where the alleged fight occurred wants a piece of the singer.

Allegedly, the club in Tampa where the altercation took place, wants their $30,000 back after Chris Brown performed five minutes of what was supposed to be an hour performance. Chris allegedly ran off stage after punching the photographer in his face.

Apparently the fight began when Chris and his entourage tried to shut the photographer from snapping photos of them and we all know how Chris is about the paparazzi and invading his privacy. Things seemed to have escalated and that’s when allegedly Chris and his crew attacked the photographer.

Chris is on probation, this may cause him to return back to court to face the judge. He has a lot of growing to do, but I still love his music, he loves his daughter and if anyone can make him change, it would be his daughter. The way he moves his body, his dancing, his singing, his acting and him taken responsibility for his daughter is sexy as f$ck!!.

Really I just wanted to play his new music video for all to listen and I end up talking about his life. LOL!! Chris will eventually grow up and become the man and father he is destined to be.