Chris Brown Feuding W/Soulja Boy!!

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Its the 3rd day of January 2017 and Chris Brown and Soulja Boy are beefing on social media over Karreuche Tran. These are young black men, why give so many people an opportunity to lump all young black men in the same way? Why are these talented artists social media thugging with each other?

Soulja Boy allegedly liked an Instagram photo of Karrueche Tran and for some reason Chris Brown had an issue with Soulja Boy liking a picture. From what we know Chris Brown and Karreuche aren’t together anymore so why does it affect him when another man likes a photo of her on social media? Its just social media and she has made it clear she isn’t getting back with Chris Brown.

For all we know, Chris and Karreuche could be creeping with each other on the low low and maybe that’s why Chris Brown felt so betrayed. But this is some high school sh$t, these are grown a$$ men feuding over a plain Jane who doesn’t appear to be into either one of them.

Chris Brown ended up challenging him to a fight, according to Soulja Boy. If that is true, Chris Brown is on probation and he could get in some serious trouble with just these tweets alone if he is threatening Soulja Boy.

“Chris Brown just called me and said he wanna fight me because I liked @karrueche picture on Instagram this n**** a b****,” Soulja Boy tweeted. And Soulja Boy is acting like a straight up snitch by airing what Chris Brown said to him personally.

But then, here comes Chris Brown who claps back with multiple Instagram posts, claiming that he never actually called Soulja Boy like the rapper claimed.

“ROYALTY (Brown’s daughter) IS 2 AND HAS 5 times more money than SOULJA boy already,” Chris Brown added. “I’d be mad too.”

Chris actually believes he still has control over Karreuche, maybe she gives him that control, I don’t know but a man is not going to trip over a woman he isn’t with unless he is really with that woman. Chris and Karreuche broke up about two years ago but you would think the two just broke up. He also threatened to “whoop” Soulja Boy in an Instagram video, going on record to ask professional boxer Adrien Broner to set up a ring for the fight.

Soulja Boy decides to bring up Chris Brown’s past regarding his 2009 alleged abuse charge towards Rihanna and accusing him of drug use in a series of other tweets. We all know what went down between Chris and Rihanna, Soulja Boy didn’t have to reference his past. But lets discuss his drug use with prostitute Kat Stacks, hey if he can throw stones, we can too.

We all know Karreuche likes the attention, she can act like she doesn’t but what woman doesn’t like that kind of attention? Karreuche responds on social media and this is what she has to say:

“First off this drama between both of these two is so ridiculous it makes no sense. We just brought in a new year and what we doing??” she wrote, adding, “This isn’t cool or’s draining..not just for me..but for everyone.”

But Chris Brown, didn’t like her response and clapped back at her and I’m kind of glad he did but when you are beefing with a man over a woman no one is with, she would believe its about her.

“NOONE ASKED FOR THIS OPINION!!!” he began. “IT AINT OVER YOU!! GIRL KEEP THE FAME YOU GOT AND STAY CLASSY! In the meantime, Chris Brown shared another video of himself in bed, telling Soulja Boy he was “waiting” for him to put out a video. If that ain’t shade, I don’t know what is.

This evening, Chris Brown posted more videos on Instagram with a message about people “trying to act like they…tough.”

He also posted Soulja Boy’s phone number in a screenshot of an alleged text from the rapper. DAMN, that was f$cked up but Soulja Boy should stay in his lane. I love Chris Brown, he is a talented artist but I don’t like how he is handling himself. He has a daughter and one day she will see her father acting a fool and think that its okay for her to act a fool as well.

I don’t want to see Chris Brown going through what Kanye West is going through. These are extremely talented young black men and to see their careers destroyed due to their actions is sickening. Please get it together Chris Brown, the way to get back at Soulja Boy is to not say a word.