Charlamagne VS Jason Whitlock

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Within the last 48 hours, Kristine Leahy, Jason Whitlock and Colin Cowherd decided to respond to LaVar Ball after he told Kristen to ‘stay in her lane after she basically made allegations that LaVar abuses his kids. She doesn’t live in his home and she has no idea what happens behind closed doors. To even put abuse in the atmosphere was wrong as f$ck and I wouldn’t give too f$cks about her crying.

What Kristine Leahy doesn’t understand, in the black communities parents raise there children different then any race out here. Lavar Ball is a father and his son had a choice to place basketball or play another sport. And yes any parent who wants there children to play any professional sport will be harder on that child to do the best he can possibly do. Its not abuse, if your child wants to make it it the pros, they have to start early in whatever sport they choose. Lavar is a father first and a basketball father second, he is looking out for his son’s best interests.

Jason Whitlock decides to intervene on Kristine Leahy’s behalf when nobody appointed him captain save a hoe. But I digress, he decides to go after Charlamagne Tha God after he gave Kristen Leahy ‘Donkey of the day,’ she should be a$$ of the day, everything that came out of her mouth was stupid and if you can’t handle yourself in the kitchen, get out of the kitchen.

Charlamagne heard through the grapevine that Jason was talking mad sh$t about him, so Charlamagne responded by giving Jason ‘Donkey of the day’ on Friday, but ethered him as well in the process. Jason probably had to look up ethered, I’m pretty sure he has no idea what that meant.

Charlamagne talks a lot of sh$t and he isn’t my favorite radio personality but he will speak what’s on his mind. He blasts the f$ck out of Jason Whitlock! Jason wanted a beef with Charlamagne, this was not his battle but he inserted himself in this beef when it clearly had nothing to do with him. This was a long time coming, Charlamagne has been on the radio for years and this black man Jason Whitlock wants to ruin his career but the funny thing about this whole scenario, he defends the white girl and doesn’t support the black man, yes I see a problem with this.