Cardi B VS Amber Rose!!

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Former Love and Hip Hop New York Cardi B. is not the chick to play with, when she learned about hoe a$$ Amber Rose all up on her man Offset, she had an issue with that. We all know Amber is a thirsty hoe, she needs to chill, she does have a son who will learn about his mom’s ratchet behavior and that isn’t fair to him. Act like a mother and not a hoe, she needs to sit her foul p$ssy smelling self down. All that a$$ can’t be clean, she just look like her sh$t stank.

But I digress, Cardi B. went after Amber when pics of her hanging out with Migos surfaced on social media, especially with Offset, the pic went viral. She is not here for the thirsty hoe like Amber Rose being around her man. According to Cardi things have been going great with her and Offset but she doesn’t need to hear or watch a hoe like Amber throw her body on a man she is with. And isn’t she back with NFL player Odell Beckham? She can’t respect him, when she doesn’t respect herself, he needs to walk away from her. Odell doesn’t even seem like her type, that p$ssy has been everywhere.

The Migos had a performance at Coachella in Cali last weekend and after the performance, they partied with all kinds of celebrities. Apparently, Offset was caught getting a little too close to Amber and it wasn’t a good look. He should have known cell phones are everywhere and people will sit and take pics of a celebrity just to get them caught up and that’s exactly how he got caught. He should respect his woman, Cardi B is real, he should be lucky she’s with him because he ain’t that cute. But, his paper is long so maybe that’s how Cardi can forgive him but not Amber.

A fan of Cardi’s who saw the photos, called out Offset’s behavior to Cardi B. A fan stirred the pot and let Cardi know the deal with her man and Amber. “Oh that’s yo nikka? wasn’t he all over Amber Rose the other night.”

Cardi B clap backed saying,“@zoe.s1 the whole gang was hoes will be hoes and nikkas will be nikkas right?”

These fans really believe they have real relationships with reality stars or celebrities but they are very loyal to Cardi. She keeps it real all the time and she is one of my favorite reality stars and I hate that she isn’t returning back to Love and Hip Hop New York, she will be missed. She brought the fire to the show but she had to move on to bigger and better things.

Cardi B. says she isn’t surprised by Offset or Amber’s behavior. Men will be men and hoes will be hoes, what can you do? Amber Rose, hasn’t responded to Cardi B, she may not want too, Cardi will beat that a$$ and she is just waiting for the right opportunity but she also needs to check Offset. Cardi should never be in a situation where she is checking a hoe for disrespecting her or her man.

Amber needs to watch her back, slow down and take care of her son. Cardi has no children so she can do what she wants, its sad that Amber is still exhibiting hoe behavior at her age.

Cardi has always been open and wild especially when it comes to relationships, so I wouldn’t be surprised they have an open relationship, but the way Cardi is portraying herself, that open relationship may be out the door.

The reason social media was on fire, the pic that was posted got the fans talking about the pic with Amber Rose and the Migos as she wore a see through top as the Migos appear to be looking down at her breasts. That’s Amber, she loves the attention and she doesn’t care how she gets it.

Cardi is no joke, Amber needs to slow her roll before she gets hurt. Cardi B is the sh$t, she keeps it real and she is funny as heck!!