Cam Newton Benched Over Clothes!!

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Ron Rivera NFL football coach of the Carolina Panthers who formerly played college football at the University of California in Berkeley and was recognized as an All-American linebacker.

Apparently, this particular football coach decided to bench NFL baller Cam Newton and the fans, along with social media went cuckoo for coco puffs. I’m assuming he was benched due to his collared shirts and neck ties. I am not a football fan but when I ran across this story, I had to write about it.

Ron Rivera decided to bench the star quarterback for one series for a “dress code violation.” So many issues going on in the world and Cam Newton gets benched due to clothes? Can you say confused? Again, I am not a football fan but with the star quarterback being benched, it hurt the team. Its not like Cam was naked, or smoking weed or abusing a woman, he wore clothes that he is comfortable in, how did that impact the team?

Unfortunately, this decision hurt the team, Cam missing a the game definitely impacted the team as a whole. As the league MVP, him missing time hurts the entire Panthers organization along with his team mates.

What I’m understanding, coach Rivera feels like Cam Newton does what he wants and his message to the team was to penalize Cam, letting them all know he runs the team, not Cam. However, Cam is the driving force for ticket and merchandise sales. Coach Rivera treating the star quarterback as if he means nothing, lets the other players understand that no player operates outside team rules.

This coach is playing with fire, he can cause dysfunction between the players, Cam is the team and instead of benching him, have a conversation with him but the dress code issue was so petty. He really can’t afford to have a divided locker room, and he needs to be careful in his communications with his players because this situation could backfire on the coach.

Sounds like Coach Rivera may have a hard on for the nice looking black star quarterback. Cam is a professional athlete, so far, he seems to be cookie cutter clean and we have never heard anything negative about him. He is out on the field to play his game, professional football and I for one love the way he carries himself and the way he dresses.