Bringing Up Ballers Recap!!

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Bringing Up Ballers Recap!! The twin towers are still beefing and it gets pettier and pettier each episode. These woman are full of drama and rage, as parents we want the best for our children but fighting with the mothers of their children makes the child feel as if he or she did something wrong when they haven’t.

Another basketball mom has been added to the group of ladies and her name is Catrina, she has son by the name of AJ who just happens to be in training with the same trainer that Nikki has for her son. Catrina came in like ghostbusters and claimed her spot as well as her sons as she set next to Nikki.

This was there first time actually meeting, while sitting together in the gym and getting to know each other, the conversation didn’t go so well, they get into a verbal altercation in the gym about their sons and begin arguing loudly as both sons are on the basketball court getting trained. They embarrassed themselves in front of their sons and the trainer. The verbal spat was so petty and it was about whose son’s is better AJ or Nimari? They are children and the parents are placing a lot of pressure on their sons and that is so petty and immature.

Catrina claims she isn’t afraid to get loud on the sidelines of her son games, which we witnessed yesterday. When refs make calls on her son that she doesn’t like, she definitely lets them know it. Catrina is actually a Latina mother with a whole lot of attitude, she always speaks her mind, whether in Spanish or English even if it gets her thrown out of games!

Peytyn and Heather arrange a “friend-tervention” to get the twin towers back together. Petyn is very tricky, she told Johanna and Nikki that she wants to sell her house since they are both realtors. Johanna was surprised to see Heather at Petyn’s house and even more surprised when Nikki walked in. They both felt slighted but through all of the tit for tat and the pettiness, Petyn and Heather were able to get the twin towers back together again.

Nikki’s hosts 3-On-3 Charity Basketball Tournament with young ballers and the game didn’t complete due to a fight AJ started with Nimari on the basketball court. Nikki went ballistic, Catrina went ballistic, the boys began fighting on the court and that ended her charity event. This was for charity and because the game ended abruptly, the charity loses out. These women are so immature, boys will boys especially on the court, its a basketball game and because Nikki and Catrina were so loud and ratchet, the entire team got into a scuffle.

These ladies should be embarrassed, I have never met or seen anything like this before. Fights happen on the court but they made themselves look dumber than a box of rocks. Kids won’t do as a parent says, they do what they see while watching their parents act a damn fool.