Bring It “Dancing Dolls”

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Ms. D. legal name Dianna Williams will be the first to tell you about her less than innocent past, but with her passion for dance, story of redemption and faith in God she is dedicating her life to giving young girls a bright future. Ms. D. is married with a 4 year old son Cobe, she also married to her job. She definitely has passion for dancing and she is a tough cookie.

Ms. D, the 35-year-old Jackson, Miss. native, is Lifetime network’s newest reality star of “Bring It!” An accomplished dancer in multiple styles of dancing, the choreographer decided to open up her own studio called the Dollhouse Dance Factory in 2010 that houses the award-winning Dancing Dolls dance team.

The Dancing Dolls have won over 15 Grand Champion titles and more than 100 trophies. After discovering the Dancing Dolls on YouTube, Lifetime network will broadcast some of the ups and downs that come along with Williams’ dancers’ lives as they take part in hip-hop majorette competitions against worthy opposition.

We learned a lot on last night’s episode. Chrystianna one of the dancers, her mom Rittany barged into dance rehearsal and demanded an apology from Ms. D. Ms. D doesn’t give her an apology and informs Rittany she is disturbing her rehearsal. Rittany leaves out storming and the other mom’s are outside watching the girls rehearsal. Rittany has words for another mom Selena whose daughter Sunjai is a dancer. Its gets heated between the two but I’m not sure why they were arguing. Its obvious Selena is living through her daughter, she wants this opportunity for her daughter to dance more than Sunjai. She even says she is living through her daughter because she didn’t make it. Before Sunjai enters rehearsal her mom is telling her not to get cut, she has want this, she has to give it her all and the look on Sunjai’s face is like I really don’t want this. I don’t see the passion through Sunjai associated with dancing, but her mom Selena says Rittany is jealous of her because she looks good and Rittany needs to lose weight. Come on, now grown a$$ women with children speaking like that. Wow, I couldn’t believe Rittany and Selena had words as if they were in high school.

While the girls are rehearsing Rittany feels like Ms. D picking on her daughter because of the argument they had earlier. She barges into rehearsal again, Ms. D walks her out, Rittany gets in her face and pushes Ms. D, she pushes Rittany back. Oh my, I have never in my life seen mothers and dance instructors go that far where they are hitting and pushing each other. How can they expect the girls to perform if egos get i the way? Ms. D. cuts Sunjai from the dance battle that week and Selena is pissed. Rittany pulls her daughter out of rehearsal and leaves, she feels like Ms. D. will always pick on her daughter. These girls are talented and you hate for them to fight, adults are acting like children when the girls aren’t fighting.

They have there competition that week, these girls are amazing. They go up against the dance group Divas of Olive of Olive Branch. That dance troupe wasn’t as good as The Dancing Dolls. The captain of The Dancing Dolls, Kayla she is going places. That girl can dance with an attitude to match, but unfortunately they didn’t win because the organizer of the event added another judge to the table when it was only supposed to be six judges but it was seven and his vote broke the two way tie and The Divas of Olive Branch won. Again, words were exchanged with Ms. D and the organizer but also the other dance instructor from The Dancing Tigerettes was there and he thought it was unfair so he got in the organizers face too, they had to pull him away as well as Ms. D. I do believe The Dancing Dolls were robbed of their win. It was nothing Ms. D. could do about it, they danced there butts off they just didn’t win. She told them to wipe the tears, in life this is what happens and they will come back next week even stronger.

I love the dancing, too much make up though, some moves are provocative but you can’t take the talent away from these amazing dancers. I wish the adults could take a page from these children.

  • Mark

    Selena is so fine.

  • Mackayla

    I Love This Dance Team

  • Speak

    “There” and “there” are different words with different meanings.

    • Yet you said the same word twice… you mean “there, they’re and their”…?

  • kalya

    hay whts kalya kik mame

  • Tyreesha

    i love all 4 of dem girls escpecally kayla camryn and sunjai evn Ms D. she did da damn thing when she was dancing with dem girls for the street battle nd i just bet Neva was mad she couldnt dance with hers i jusd kno she was feelin salty asl

  • atlmom5

    You have Rittany’s name underneath Tina’s picture.

  • Alley Kat

    it feels like myself is on the team with my illness and always in the hospital not knowing when god will take me, I feel scared and alone, but when I watch the team and miss D, while I’m in the hospital, it makes me feel like I’m in a new world. U are always and will be my favorite team. DDFORL.

  • Dietra
    • Dietra

      Hey dacing dolls

    • Zalareah

      I love the dancing folls so much i watch their shows all the time

  • Dietra

    Hey dacnig dolls this is Dietra Moore I want to be on the dacing dolls team

  • alonna smith

    Miss D I’m 11 years old and I will to become a dancing doll how much do have do weight to be on the team.

  • michelle

    i want to be a DD4L i work my butt off all the time but i worked so hard to the point i ripped my muscle from doing the splits but im all better and i really want to be a DD4L

  • michelle

    Dancing is my life but i stopped cause of my leg for about a year so im alittle stiff but i can do it

  • michelle

    i do bring it and hand clap well

  • michelle

    this would be the world to me if only i live near yall im and detroit and yall is and Jackson

  • Derricka

    That hole season just mad me mad
    Y’all got rittany name under Tina picture I think that Selena think that she is all that you go ms d you don’t play with the moms I want to be on the team in ll years old I already know how to dance I know how to do my heal streach and splits and backhandsprings. My name is derricka glass why did you have to get Kayla in shape in the 2 season
    There’s me and my mom and she don’t argue with parent unless you make her mad she doesn’t play she will shut you down