Braxton’s Recap!!

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The Braxton’s Recap!! On the last episode of the hit reality show, it appeared to me that the sisters ganged up on Tamar except for Toni, she wasn’t in attendance when this episode exploded.

Tamar and Trina have a weird relationship as sisters, she continues to not get along with Trina and I’m not sure if its jealousy or envy on Trina’s part. Tamar is still married, she has a thriving career, her son and plenty of money in the bank. What does Trina have except two sons, no man and not enough money in the bank, so she could be a little jealous.

Tamar revealed to her sisters some hurtful and devastating news, she revealed to her sisters about going through an IVF procedure and losing her baby which I know I personally how that feels. I could have sworn, Tamar didn’t want anymore children but everyone is entitled to change their minds and it appears that she Tamar has. I know Vince is elated because he has been nagging her about her another baby and I guess she decided to try and give him one.

Tamar said she had been keeping the miscarriage a secret because the IVF process was “very very new”. Her sisters were shocked and surprised because she didn’t inform them of her miscarriage and her IVF treatments. She dealt with her pain alone and with her husband, had she told them, I believe they would have been supportive, as sisters should be rather they are beefing or not.

Tamar turns into the green eyed monster when Trina talked negatively about her parenting skills, Tamar doesn’t see anything wrong with her parenting skills, she has a career and needs a nanny. Everybody in the world knows how much she loves her son, but she has a career and there’s nothing wrong with hiring a nanny and asking your mother to watch your child as she continues to make money.

Trina hit Tamar below the belt when she brought her son in their altercation and her parenting skills, when Trina’s parenting skills have always been questionable. Trina snapped on Tamar and said what she felt at the moment. But just because a person feels a certain way, kids are always off limit and how Tamar chooses to raise her son, is her business.

Traci ends up snapping on both sisters and tells them to quit fighting, things have been said by both sisters and both hit below the belt and it made Traci extremely angry, but her true issues with Tamar eventually come out.

Traci tells Tamar that she is a liar, that really shocked me and I’m sure the viewers and the fans, but when those words came out of her mouth, if looks could kill, Traci would be gone. Traci says to Tamar, “You’re conniving. You’re a liar.”

Tamar was really shady on her on social media regarding Traci and her album that was to be released but Tamar felt her album release was close to hers and she didn’t like it. However, Tamar tried to explain to her sister that she has no say so in what date her album is released. Traci isn’t buying what, Tamar is selling and and storms out. Nothing was resolved and these two can’t reconcile their petty beef, it will make the entire family choosing sides.

Tamar breaks down and I rarely see her cry but as she tried to defend herself to Towanda, she didn’t care, so Tamar decided to leave since it seems like her sisters are ganging up on her.

Trina apologizes to Tamar for what she said about her parenting skills. Tamar doesn’t believe her whack a$$ apology, it wasn’t heartfelt in her mind, so she chose to ignore her.

Trina said some negative things about Vince because she claims Tamar came for her ex first, and their marriage is all over social media and in the blogs. Does that warrant Trina coming at Vince when he has nothing to do with their situation? What is really going on with Trina? Envy and jealousy has invaded her body. She needs a man, she some real good d$ck in her life.

Trina says, “You and your husband opened that door because it’s all in the tabloids.” Perfect timing, Tamar reveals that she heard the media is getting stories about her and Vince from one of her sisters. I do believe that, I can’t see Toni or Trace doing that but Towanda and Trina seems like they would do something as petty as that. Which sister is trying to interfere with her marriage?

It looks like Trina and Tamar won’t be apologizing to each other anytime soon, which is just petty. They are sisters, siblings fight but after the fight the situation is over and the always seem to work it out.