Braxton Family Values Recap!!

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The Braxton Family Values Recap!! The sisters take a family vacation every year and they are extremely excited about their trip to Mexico, but if their father brings his new wife on their family vacation, he may lose his daughters.

Mama Evelyn is one beautiful and classy woman, she gives her daughters the best advice, she’s open and honest with them and she’s very independent. I just love her, she brings me joy, she keeps herself together but she doesn’t play with her daughters. If they get out of line and she doesn’t care how old they are, she will check the mess out of them.

So while the sisters were together at the studio listening to Tamar’s new song, it hit Mama Evelyn like a ton of bricks, not because she didn’t like the song, the song took her back to when her husband cheated on her. She is really shocked to find out the song it’s written about her and their divorce.

Mama Evelyn explains to her daughters that she doesn’t feel comfortable with their dad coming on the trip with the woman he cheated on her with, then marries her 30 days later. Mama Evelyn says their dad had a smorgasbord of women, Traci is the only sister that didn’t believe her mom. However, once a cheater, always a cheater.

Mama Evelyn says they went to counseling and during their therapy session he admitted to being in love with the woman but he still loved his wife. If he still loved his wife, he would have worked out their issues instead of having an affair with this woman for years. This woman was a friend of Mama Evelyn and she attended the church the Braxton’s had. Mama Evelyn says she began to question herself, was she not good enough, what did the woman have that she didn’t have? She says she was depressed for a very long time and it has taken her years to get her confidence back. She doesn’t trust men, naturally, she went through HELL with her then husband and I think she just likes to date, marriage may be a long way to come.

Its not fair that she would have to be on a family vacation with a former friend who is married to her ex-husband. She’s isn’t ready to deal with her no matter how long its been. She still feels disrespected and it still hurts. He shouldn’t want to bring his wife around after all of the turmoil they all went through and what their children had to endure because of his cheating.

Mama Evelyn is a strong black woman, she has bounced back, she looks great, she dresses impeccable and she doesn’t have to deal with her ex-husbands wife if she doesn’t want too. Her daughters feel the same way, they don’t want this woman vacationing with them, their loyalty is with their mom and I can respect that.

After hearing all that she went through with her ex-husband, she is more than an amazing woman. She held her head high and she had to be the mother to her daughters with a smile on her face as her heart hurt. When your husband tells you that he is in love with another woman but he loves you too, I call bull sh$t on that. The Braxton’s have the best mother and I see why they hold her up on a pedestal and they give her respect she deserves when their father didn’t.