Brandy Responds To Beyonce’ Rumors!!

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Allegedly R&B singer and actress Brandy has been dragged into so more social media drama and its quite petty to me. Now, she has been mixed up with the Queen of all music, my favorite entertainer, Beyonce’.

Brandy is already beefing with singer Monica and these two have been going at it for years. I really believed they were able to patch things up being that both women are parents and extremely talented. I’m still confused on why these two are beefing anyway!

According to Brandy, she will not stand for any slander from former friends or anyone coming for her. Especially when it comes to mixing her name up in a feud with Beyoncé. Queen Bey would be the wrong person to go after and I can’t see a reason that she would come for her. But, HELL, anything is possible with social media.

It all started when Brandy’s former songwriter and friend TC attempted to claim that Brandy is a Queen Bey hater, taking up his issues with the Brandy on social media. Let me just say this, social media is dangerous today and its getting a boat load of people in trouble. In a series of tweets that have now been deleted, TC blasted Brandy for allegedly making herself the victim in the celebrity feuds that she has been a part of with other artists throughout the years.

After receiving some heat, TC decided to delete the tweets exposing Brandy. It appears that TC and Brandy have kissed and made up, the Bey Hive isn’t so forgiving. Questions about the Beyoncé shade didn’t die down, these are some dedicated Bey hive fans. Brandy delivered a truthful and classy answer again on social media.

In a post, Brandy posted barbie dolls of her and Beyonce’ posed side by side and she set the record straight. “This is about truth. I love me some Bey and I love me some Solange. Now I’m done with it.”

Beyonce’ has yet to confirm or respond to the tweets with Brandy and that is just simply who Beyonce’ is. She tries her best to stay out of drama, she is humble, classy, beautiful and smart, she doesn’t have time for the pettiness. I’m glad Brandy set the record straight, she is an awesome singer and actress as well.