Blood Sweat & Heels Reunion

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Blood Sweat and Heels Reunion with Andy Cohen was fruitless. Daisy was beautiful with her make-up and her hair, however I wasn’t too crazy about the pink dress and calling herself Malibu Barbie. I’m sorry but as a black woman who is professional, why are you calling yourself Malibu Barbie with the pink lips and pink dress/ I wasn’t feeling that at all. The group was separated, Mica, Melyssa and Daisy on one side and Demetria, Geneva and Brie on the other side. I’m sorry but Geneva looked just like an orange peach with that ugly a$$ dress. I was digging Melyssa’s look altogether, the hair was gorgeous, her make-up was flawless and her dress was to die for. Mica was gorgeous as well, her dress was a knock out and I loved the way her hair was flipped. As usual Demetria was Demetria, not really out there, she was who she portrays herself and Brie I liked her dress, but nothing else.

I don’t see where this group of ladies accomplished anything with this reunion. The ladies kept saying, “you didn’t act like that on camera.” well the way I understand they are on camera and you want to showcase your best qualities not your worst. When Geneva kept saying Mica was an alcoholic on camera that damages her reputation because I don’t believe she is an alcoholic. During the season Geneva had a drink in her hand every episode and she was always loud, so why is it okay for Geneva to be tipsy and loud? I really didn’t like that about her, you can’t throw stones at anyone if you can’t take it.

These ladies still couldn’t get over the fact Mica lost her dad and she wasn’t in a good place. People react differently in situations and that’s how she reacted. Damn give her a break, Demetria was so hard on Mica as if she doesn’t have skeletons in her closet. She told Daisy to shut up and Daisy replied, “you’re not my mother.” Demetria does have a holier than thou attitude and she does act as if she is better than everybody. I’m glad Mica had Daisy and Melyssa in her corner, they were the only ladies in her corner.

We’re not sure if there will be a season 2 but I would like to see how they resolved their issues if they did.

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    ITS SO distracting to read this blog due to the picture of your ASS in the foreground!! WTF!

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      theres no ass in the background lmao, just a pretty girl hence the name pretty status