Black Ink Crew Recap!

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Black Ink Crew Recap!! Another reality show with lots of drama, betrayals, lies, messiness and pettiness. We have all wondered why O’Sh*t married this Nikki chick without even knowing her and when the crew did a little investigating on her, they found out she was allegedly pregnant in 2014 but they were only aware of her oldest son. So where was baby number 2??

It’s kind of odd that he would marry a woman in California when he was supposed to be going to rehab for his drug addiction. Apparently, he never made it to rehab and he credits his sobriety to her. She isn’t a drug counselor, she was just a chick he met and decided to marry. When the crew investigated Nikki, Cease shared the information with O and his wife. She immediately became irate, common sense, she is on a reality show, she seemed shady and they just didn’t trust her, plus O relapsed in Puerto Rico with his wife and I’m sure he is back on drugs now.

Since the investigation was revealed, the crew at the shop kind of let it die down and didn’t mention it again. Cease, Walt and O’Sh*t were in the shop when this woman walks in and asked for Richard. She just happened to be Nikki’s ex-friend and she immediately exposes Nikki for who she allegedly is.

She says Nikki isn’t telling the truth about who she really is, she allegedly has a two year old son that she left when she remarried O’Sh*t. When they were all in Puerto Rico, she turned that story around by telling the crew that she was married and was in the process of adopting his child because the mother wasn’t around. The only person to believe that lie was, Richard (dumb a$$) Duncan. She could have come up with a better story than that.

So, Nikki’s so called ex-friend says she’s a liar and claims that she babysat for her sons. She seemed emotional as she told her truth and she seemed as if she really didn’t want to expose Nikki but from what she is saying, she left her 2 year old son and she has a history of doing that, which seems plausible. She claims the only reason she there, was to let Richard know that she is a fraud and that she has a relationship with those boys.

The look on Walt’s face was priceless, he wanted to know why O’Sh*t said nothing, never asked her any questions, just sat in the chair behind the computer as calm as he could be. Probably because he felt ambushed and he probably knew what was going on and that’s why he text her. Nikki got to the shop in 2.5 seconds, she wasted no time and ran up on her former friend trying to kill her for exposing her.

Cease is definitely shocked but not surprised, he made a commitment to stay out of his personal life and support him as a friend. When the two began fighting, wigs were pulled, Nikki looked like the green eyed monster, she was ready to kill this chick. O’Sh*t decides to fill up a cup with water and throws it on the girl, he was foul for that. They were fighting, allow security to do their jobs, I hope she sues his dumb a$$!!

Security breaks up the fight anyway and everyone goes their separate ways. It’s out now, Nikki is pregnant, we know she’s fertile, baby number 3, he can’t take care of baby number 1, how in the HELL is he going to take care of baby number 5 or 6 for him and allegedly baby number 3 for her? I’m so confused by the dumbness, I just can’t take it anymore.