Black Ink Crew Recap!!

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Black Ink Crew Recap!! The crew goes from being extremely happy with Ted to being embarrassed and pissed with him because he jacked up this time and this is not something small, this is huge with Black Ink being humiliated at the tattoo convention in Puerto Rico.

I can’t see how Ted can redeem himself but I put this on Cease. As the owner and boss, Cease should’ve made sure Black Ink was registered, Ted is not reliable or responsible and Cease knows that.

Everyone was so excited to be in Puerto Rico for the tattoo convention that the crew is screaming “Black Ink crew” as they walk through the lobby. When they try to register, Cease is told that Black Ink isn’t registered for the convention. When Cease says that there must have been a mistake, the people tell him that the chances of it being a mistake are unlikely because it’s an entire process to be a part of an event of this caliber. Embarrassed, Cease pulls Ted to the side to get to the bottom of the situation. Ted looks stupid in front of Cease, he claims he sent the paperwork and then to he’s pretty sure Ms. Kitty handled the registration, Ms. Kitty has no idea what Ted is talking about. The humiliation of a “VIP” team being turned down from such a prestigious convention overwhelms Cease. And then the worst part for Cease, Tatu Baby had to witness that Black Ink isn’t registered and by him being the boss, he should have made sure himself.

Dutchess shows up in Puerto Rico after whining about not wanting to see Cease. This girl is so fake she makes my stomach turns. Of Course that evening while Dutchess is doing a photo shoot, Cease just happens to run in to her while he and Tatu Baby are taking a romantic stroll in the park.

Cease tries to talk to Dutchess when he sees her, but we all know how she acts, she wants Cease to kiss her a$$ but he won’t, he is moving on. We know how jealous Dutchess is and when she sees him with Tatu Baby, she tries to ignore him.

Last time Cease heard from Dutch is when she took his computer and left her engagement ring at the apartment they shared together. He decides to approach her to get some answers but she quickly deads the conversation because she’s busy working a live podcast. When he walks away, Dutchess tells her friend how disgusted she is that Cease had the audacity to pull up with the girl he’s trying to move on with. So what, she has moved on with someone else, she just wants Cease to kiss her a$$ and beg her back but I think he is done this time.

Dutchess expresses her frustrations to Bebe, Cease is pouring his heart out to Tatu Baby and they all eventually realize that trying to resolve the issue out there is pointless. I’m pretty sure Tatu Baby is done with Cease after this night, he is focused on Dutchess as he talks about her all night. That isn’t fair to Tatu Baby but she listens to Cease and tries to give him sound advice but I think we can safely say, it may be over for the two.