Black Ink Crew Recap!!

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Black Ink Crew Recap…………………………………….After discussing the type of family they want to have together, Ceaser reluctantly agrees to move to North Carolina once he and Dutchess are married. Oh my, I think Ceaser is definitely being p$ssy whipped and manipultated, by Dutchess. Ceaser has a business in New York, he has already passed up buying INK 124 for her and now relocating to North Carolina?? He has a daughter, has Dutchess thought about that?? Has he thought about his daughter at all and where she may fit??

When Ted finds out his cousin is moving out of state, he is pissed, Ted feels as though Dutchess is manipulating him and I see that as well. Woman know how to get what they want from a man but, Dutchess is so dramatic and if Ceaser isn’t doing it her way, then she turns on those crocodile tears. However, I’m not married to her or going to be married to her, I’m just stating what I see and I think she should have gone into acting as well because when a person can turn on tears and turn them off, that is a skill!! Sky also has issues with her boss moving, where is she going to go?? What will happen to Black Ink? Dutchess wants to open a tattoo shop in North Carolina, I can see them doing that but relocating?? That’s too much and Sky claims she will be following them to the south. SMH!!

Puma tells Sassy about his family leaving New York and how he has plans to meet with Ceaser. He really needs to get himself together because he is looking like a straight up crack head. He wants to blame Ceaser for his downfall, he is his only downfall. When Ceaser and Puma meet up for the first time since the Fashion Show fight, Ceaser decides to go in for the kill. Puma already knew it was a rap with him and Ceaser, what was he expecting??