Black Ink Crew Finale!!

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Black Ink Crew Finale Recap!! Continuing from last week’s episode when scary dry a$$ lip Dutchess sprayed Ms. Kitty with some pepper spray and then runs into her bedroom and locks the door. Dutchess talks so much sh$t, but she’s a scary b$tch, all she does it talk and complain. She is the biggest drama queen appearing in a reality show and I thought it Kenya who had her beat but that’s not true, Dutchess has her beat!!

Security is holding Miss Kitty back but she can’t get in her bedroom anyway, Dutchess locked the door. They walk Ms. Kitty out and here comes this scary B$TCH Dutchess talking mad sh$t in the door way to the outside. Ms. Kitty should have popped her a$$ but security was watching Ms. Kitty, this isn’t over for her, maybe for Dutchess but not her.

Ms. Kitty calls Cease while he’s in Atlanta looking for his new tattoo shop and when she informs him that his ex-b$tch peppered spray her, that really made him question who was with all of those years. But, he also told Ms. Kitty not to go talk to Dutchess, she did anyway but that doesn’t give her the right to pepper spray her especially when she wasn’t in any harm. Two seconds later, Dutchess is calling Cease about the incident, she tries to check him but he didn’t want to hear her mouth, they are not together. He told her that everybody had Dutchess and he hung up on her crazy a$$!

O decides to go get his wife back, she left him saying she needed time. He is dumber than a box of rocks, she left him because the fans and the viewers could see right through her, she was probably thinking, if his crew saw that she helped him to stay off the drugs they would welcome her with open arms, but nope, she came. in as a liar and left as a liar. Her two minutes of fame is over, let dumb a$$ O get his wife back, dummy!

Star and Sky meet up to discuss what happened a few weeks ago. Sky got promoted, she will be the manager of Black Ink in Atlanta and Donna felt as her friend, she should have told her first and she felt like Sky was leaving her. We all know Sky wasn’t leaving Donna, yes she mad at her that day for what she said but she apologized to her friend and that’s all she needed.

While in Atlanta, Karlie and Cease have been creeping on the low low, he wanted to party in Atlanta with her but she takes him to a spa which he isn’t ready for. Cease is not her type but Joc is. Anyway, Karlie does what Karlie does, she seduces Ceaser at the spa revealing all of her curves and just like any man he was in heaven.

Cease throws a preview party to celebrate the opening of the new shop in the ATL. Everybody showed up to party with Cease and Black Ink, even Ted but where was Walt and the new manager Sky? Donna even showed up, kissed Cease and congratulated him but no Sky. This is when he says to himself, she can’t be the manager, she needed to be there instead of getting her vagina bejeweled.

When Miss Kitty appears at the new Atlanta shop, she is watching Cease like hawk, he’s flirting with women and feeding them cake, that really pissed her off. She walks over to where he was and he takes the cake and smears it all over her face. Oh she was pissed but a little cake on your face is nothing!

After the party was over, guess who appeared, yes Sky and Walt. She tried to come out with a bull sh$t story but Walt cracked on her a$$! We’ll see how long Sky will be the manager in Atlanta.

The next day, they all meet up at the Atlanta location, while the group is having a staff meeting, Cease gets served by Dutchess. This b$tch thinks that because she held her man down while he was building a brand and she was allegedly paying all of the bills, she deserves %50 of his business. This b$tch is coo coo for cocoa puffs, they were in a relationship, they were not married, he owes her nothing. She’s just mad that he has a total of 3 tattoo shops compared to the one she has. I wish somebody would tell her to close her mouth and keep Vaseline on her dry a$$ lips at all time!!

Cease is so pissed at Dutchess, he really wants to choke that H$E!!