Black Ink Crew Dutchess!!

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Black Ink Crew Dutchess, the crying crocodile, she can cry on cue and she isn’t even an actress. But I digress, Dutchess feels betrayed by Ceaser and she claims to be done with him forever this time. Dutchess and Ceaser go through this same break up to make up situation but she is supposed to be dating NFL Player Zack Sanchez of the Carolina Panthers.

When you go looking for trouble, you find trouble. Dutchess sneaks up to her New York apartment that she shares with Cease without him knowing to grab as many things as she could. Her girl called the shop to schedule an appointment with Cease but she was just checking to see if he would be going home soon. He wasn’t, they had maybe an hour to get most of Dutchess’s things out of the apartment.

Instead of getting her things together, she goes for Cease’st computer. Opens it up and sees all kinds of vagina pics on his computer. There were text messages supposedly from Ceaser to several women, so instead of asking Cease, she takes his whole computer system. The computer that has his personal information, check stubs for his employees, tax statements, etc.

When Cease pulls up to his apartment, it didn’t take five seconds to hear him coming out of his apartment mad as HELL!! He calls Ted up who makes it his business to go check on his cousin. Cease is calling Dutchess, she won’t answer the phone, he leaves her voice message, she calls back and tells him about the vagina pics. Cease is really pissed now, as Ted approaches Ceaser, he over hears the conversation with Dutch. When Cease hangs up, Ted admits those were his pics.

But, that’s what she gets, she went looking for trouble and she found trouble. Now, she wants to destroy his computer with the shop info and his info without even verifying whether or not those were Cease pics that he uploaded. He dodged a bullet for real with her, I can’t stand her overly dramatic a$$ and her net worth is $400,000, I imagined her having more money than that but I see I was wrong.

She was so worried about what Cease was doing, she needed to pay more attention at what she was doing. Back in North Carolina as Dutchess shows her mother and her extended family the pics found on Cease’s computer, they were in shock and couldn’t believe it. Once they all took at the pics, Dutcess takes the computer outside and beats it with a bat. She had so much rage inside of her, she let it out on this computer.