Black Ink Crew Dutch Pepper Sprays Ms. Kit!!

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Black Ink Crew Dutchess scary a$$ has lost ever loving mind, maybe its those dry a$$ lips that’s causing her confusion because she has really made fool of herself looking dumb as f$ck. Girl, please use some vaseline or something, I’m tired of her dry ass lips, Damn B$tch correct that sh$t.

My question, why is she still filming with the show when she wants to have nothing to do with Cease? She’s a crusty scary hoe, who is always getting her a$$ beat but this time she runs away to the bedroom.

When Sky informs Cease that Dutchess has been cheating on him while the two were together and engaged, with not just one man, but another man as well, Cease gets pissed as well he should, she has always accused Cease of cheating on her and now its been revealed that two different men had relations with her. And to top it off one of the guys contacted Cease through social media and direct messaged him and told Cease he was the one who made her take off her engagement ring.

Ms. Kit and Teddy are reading the messages from ole boy and Ted has always warned his Cease about Dutchess, now the proof is in the pudding. Ms. Kit takes it upon herself to reach out to Dutchess. Cease was apposed to her meeting up with Dutch but Ms. Kit does anyway.

Dutchess felt off guard when she received a message from Kit saying they need to talk, Dutch wondered what she wanted to talk to her about. Ms. Kit is currently sleeping with Cease, allegedly, but Dutch is still intrigued as to why 125th’s brand ambassador wants to stop by and talk. Ms. Kit wanted to know why she is accusing Cease of being a cheater when she’s the alleged cheater?

Ms. Kit tried to approach the convo on some grown woman sh$t and Dutchess automatically shut that down. She already heard about Kit and Cease creeping on the low low and she didn’t know why she allowed her in her home because nothing was going to be solved and it wasn’t. Kit gets down to the reason why she’s really needed to talk to her. Dutch agreed to have a convo with her, but Dutch felt Ms Kit was shady for trying to get at her ex-man, but newsflash dodo, he was pursuing Ms Kit once it was official that you two broke up.

Dutchess says time is up and tells Kit she has plenty of other bull sh$t to worry about, then Dutchess pepper sprays her, I know I would have caught a case, I would have beat the breaks out that b$tch for clowning and running away after she pepper sprayed me. Kit tried her best to get at scary, dry lip having Dutchess but security held her real tight.