Black Ink Crew Dutch Dumped By Zack!!

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Black Ink Crew Dutchess reappeared on the hit reality show on Wednesday’s episode and I’m not sure why VH1 and or Black Ink are giving her air time when she isn’t working for Black Ink anymore and she and Cease aren’t together. Its not like her dry lips make for good television, its the exact opposite.

Dutchess and her drama queen ways can really get to a person where the fans and the viewers are getting extremely tired of her and her games. She requires too much attention and I pretty much knew that she and Cease weren’t ever going to get married. She wanted to control every aspect of his life but her actions destroyed what they once had, even if you didn’t like her, you still wanted them to win as a couple. But, she can pull the life out of man where he is questioning himself.

On Wednesday night’s episode, Dutchess returns to New York where she has been nominated to speak an event empowering women, who ever invited her to speak, they had never seen the show, if they had, she wouldn’t have been invited, but I digress. She is speaking to a host of women when Tiffany from 113th appears, Dutchess invited her but that was odd, considering she is the reason why Cease didn’t hire a few years ago. But anyway, she asks Tiff if she would like to work for her at Pretty In Pink in North Carolina? Tiff was pleasantly surprised, her face told a different story but she would get back to Dutchess with an answer. That’s even more strange, if Tiff knows like we know, she won’t go work for Dutchess in another state, that chick bi-polar, and will change up on you in a heartbeat, that’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it.

Later on that day, Dutchess decides she wants to hang out at the club in her neck of the woods where she meets NFL baller, Zack Sanchez. We watch the two as they danced closer and closer together in the club, this was the club where she met her NFL baller boo. Dutchess is cheesing from ear to ear, the couple have only dated a few months allegedly.

I guess after that episode aired, Zack went on a rant using SnapChat saying he is single and he isn’t linked to Dutchess. Other sources are saying that he dumped her via SnapChat, these are still just rumors but you wonder why he would go on his SnapChat and make a spectacle out himself and Dutchess? Was that episode too much for him or does he have a little something he is hiding on the low low? Who knows with these reality shows or with Dutchess, anything is possible and nothing is guaranteed.

Well, we won’t know the truth until Dutchess decides she wants to expose her side of the story, but this is one chick who will make a man go, coo coo for coco puffs. Damn, Dutch, she is killing the game but maybe this is a publicity stunt. Maybe she and Zack are headed to reality television together, this sounds like the start of something but I can’t watch Dutchess in another reality show. She has killed it for all drama queens, dry lip females and crocodile tear females, one show is enough.

Only time will tell if Zack did dump Dutchess, they weren’t really together long enough for her to go insane but when it comes to Dutchess, time period doesn’t matter, the only thing that she cares about is, Dutchess Lattimore.