Black Ink Crew-Ceaser Had A Secret Baby!!

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Black Ink Crew returns on Wednesday, January 18th at 8pm on VH-1. It looks like this season may be even juicier, scandalous and dishonorable than the last season. Ceaser has hired more tattoo artists and has opened another tattoo shop.

However, that is not the drama, Ceaser is taking over and his new shop is on 125th. He needed a someone to take over the old shop on 113th street and he gave it to his cousin Ted. I don’t know about that, Ted likes to party but hell that’s between Ceaser and Ted. Ted is always doing it for the ladies, it seems like he has plans for an all female tattoo shop of his own. If you thought the parties last season were something, the blurred scenes definitely let you know it’s going to be crazier this season, especially with the installation of a “boom-boom room.”

Sky looks like she’s seen a ghost when a mystery man shows up to the shop. Whoever this man is, told Dutchess that Ceaser got some girl pregnant. And as if things aren’t already mad house, a chilling phone call reveals that Ceaser was involved in a fatal car accident.

Since the break up between Ceaser and Dutchess, the streets tried to figure out the real reason behind their split. So, now we know, it has finally revealed, according to reliable sources close to the couple, Ceaser allegedly got another woman pregnant while he was with Dutchess.

Ceaser claims the woman aborted the child but he has denied these claims,naturally he would. Who would expect him to tell the truth when he was engaged to Dutchess? She is crazy, loco, loco, so yes he will deny deny deny, until it has been proven otherwise.

Dutchess allegedly confirmed that it’s all true and even threatened to expose him. Dutchess is so dramatic and so needy, if Ceaser really did get another woman pregnant who didn’t get an abortion, I don’t think we will see Ceaser ever again. Dutchess is a nut a case, cuckoo for coco puffs and I can see her stabbing him right in his gut. Look at that girl, something ain’t right, but if this girl did have his baby, he was wrong as two left shoes.

No, I do not like Dutchess but I wouldn’t wish this hurt and pain on anyone including her. Damn Cease just say it ain’t so, I can’t watch another season of Dutchess and her crocodile tears. However, I can watch her beat the sh$t out of him if these rumors are true.

  • doogal

    Every one knew that Duchess only wanted Cesar because he was the owner, you could further see that when she started dating him and telling him the shop also was hers. She learned everything she could from him and then opened up her own shop. She now feels he is a nice addition to her bank account but for right now feels she doesn’t need him. She probably made this whole “Baby” story up just to make her look good and him terrible. It’s sad when people fall in love with “Golddiggers”, it never works out.

    • Dashaun Huston

      Ding. Ding. Ding. I’ve been saying this about this bird the entire time. I even hit Teddy up on IG to tell Cease about her.