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Black Ink Crew! Cease Finds Out Dutch Cheated!!



Black Ink Crew, I never believed that Cease and Dutchess would ever really get married. I do believe they loved each other but the fame Dutchess received got to her head and she felt like she didn’t need Cease anymore. She used him to get her tattoo shop “Pretty In Pink,” opened in her hometown of North Carolina and that’s when she didn’t need him anymore.

Allegedly, we find out that Dutchess was cheating on Cease with some mystery man before she and NFL’s Zack Sanchez began dating. Last season when Dutchess went to Miami with Sky and Donna, it was revealed that Dutchess took off her engagement ring and that she was on her cell phone the entire weekend caking it with some dude, this has to be the guy. That is the same weekend when she claimed that Donna raped her orally but she seemed to be enjoying the way Donna made her feel but then she flipped the script when she told Cease. She full of sh$t with her fake a$$!! When Donna asked about her engagement ring, she claimed she lost it but from we have learned, the guy she was creeping with, allegedly made her take off the ring. Ain’t that some sh$t, her drama queen a$$ was always accusing Cease of cheating when she was cheating as well.

On the next episode of Black Ink, Cease finds out that Dutchess was cheating with two men and not one man while she was engaged to him. Can you say pissed? Yes, he was, he has done his dirt but when you get accused of doing something you haven’t done yet, it will push you into doing what you were accused of.

We have a sneak peak of next week’s episode where Cease gets more than angry over him learning about Dutchess and her cheating ways. The mystery man Dutchess allegedly hooked up with came out claiming that he “never wanted to do this” but that he’s “the one she been f***ing and sucking since June of last year.”

He decided to post an old pic of the two together on social media, he says, “I’m the reason she Broke up with the n***a cease in the first place.. made her give the ring back and all.. she came back and found the hottest n***a in the city and wanted to be my girl bc I never wanted to be in the spotlight she took advantage of our situation and I guess f**k with this Sanchez dude… BUT THE GAGG IS I WAS NEVER FAITHFUL EITHER. SORRY NOT SORRY.”

Whoever this mystery man is, sent Cease a direct message on his Instagram, he sounds a little salty that Dutchess dropped him for Zack. Most men never kiss and tell, this was a hoe move from him. Eventually Cease would have found out but since he isn’t with Dutchess anymore, he shouldn’t care. He is f$cking Ms. Kit and she seems to be a better fit for him than that crying dry a$$ lip drama queen Dutchess.

Of course, Dutchess hasn’t responded to these allegations and she probably won’t. Word is, Zack dumped her on snap chat, now a mystery man has come forward, I swear I can see her getting back with Cease. I hope he doesn’t fall her acting role, she needs to be an actress on a drama series, this trick can cry on cue.

But, our favorite drama queen took to Instagram to post a message without even confirming or denying the allegations and said. “people are going to talk about her no matter what, continue to talk & I’ll continue to succeed!”

We hope she does succeed, we just don’t want her crawling back to Cease with those fake a$$ crocodile tears and dry a$$ lips. This chick only cares about herself, once her tattoo shop was open for business, she dropped Cease like a bad habit but she is the one who was allegedly cheating on him. Yes, he cheated on her but if you didn’t know Dutchess, you would think she was a sweet little angel and you would think Cease was hurting her all the time. This b$tch is slick and has an ugly attitude. No one at Black Ink f$cks with Dutchess, Cease was the only one and that was because they were engaged. But she has alienated an entire shop, I’m glad Cease smelled the coffee before he got burn.

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LHHH Alexis Sky Beefs W/Former BGC Camilla Poindexter



Love and Hip Hop Hollywood’s Alexis Skyy claps back at former Bad Girls Club Camilla Poindexter for calling her a bad preemie mom. Is Camillia trying to get back into the limelight? When reality star don’t make it in the reality world, they will start some sh$t to make them relevant.

I liked Camilla when she was on Bad Girls Club but she’s not in the position to judge Alexis Sky. Her baby was born early but that doesn’t mean that Alexis can’t hang out or have some me time. How does Camilla know what Alexis is doing behind closed doors? She’s messy and she’s bully, allow Alexis to enjoy her beautiful baby girl, this is petty as f$ck.

Is Camilla a lil jealous because Alexis has been booked and on social media any chance she gets, especially after the birth of her precious baby girl who she named, Alaiyah. Alexis and Fetty’s premature baby is still allegedly in the hospital under the doctors care until she becomes healthy. The couples baby girl was born at just 5 months, back in the first week of January. Alexis posted herself being social on IG, once at a basketball game and few nights out and people have been throwing criticism.

Alexis finally chose to clap back after Bad Girl’s Club’s Camilla indirectly addressed her in a tweet. Now…Camilla has her own messy baby daddy issues, so Alexis was quick to remind her. Take a look:

“If I just had a premature baby I would not be in a photoshoot everyday and twerking on instagram. I think I’m the only parent that really be with their child. I mean enjoy life but damn.”

“This bitch is stalking me now @masikakalysha get yo friend”

First it was Masika coming for her, now its a throwback chick coming for. Alexis only has enemies because she’s pretty.

Choose your friends wisely and leave the haters were they been, the gutter. Congrats are in order for Alexis and Fetty, bringing another beautiful baby in the mix.

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RHOA Kim Claps Back At Nene



The Real Housewives of Atlanta ladies are really struggling this season especially after last season’s toxic drama. The producers of Bravo seems to really be trying to be plotting behind the ladies back and then revealing what may or not been said. This is my opinion and I’m sticking it to you, last season was the best season and bringing Kim back in the fold did nothing but create drama, drama, drama.

Kim claps back at Nene Leakes, allegedly she said she couldn’t join the girls on their trip Barcelona for some sh$t she made up. She just wanted Kroy to come so she wouldn’t be alone or maybe get gained up on. Kim never joins the ladies on their girls trip, they need to quit asking her, obviously she doesn’t wanna go, f$ck these ladies except for Sheree and Porsha.

Kim found out her that her supposed to be good friend Nene said about her and how she uses the sick excuse every time they invite her, it never fails. Kim can come up with the most excuses for not going a girls trip. Maybe she doesn’t want Kroy alone at home, he may do something she may not like.

Word is, Nene says Kim couldn’t make the trip because Kroy’s “booty implant was leaking” and Kim had a “million excuses.” That sh$t was funny as HELL but she was wrong for saying that. Later on that day, the bone carrier, Sheree tells Kim what Nene said about her being sick. In the beginning, when she was asked about going on the trip, she was down for it until she gets into with Kenya and that was it!

“NeNe said something to the effect of that Kim’s the only person she knows who had a stroke, blood clot, open heart surgery, cancer and thyroid problems,” said Sheree.

“Is this b$tch for real?!” responded Kim. “So you think I’d lie about a stroke, I’d lie about having heart surgery? She’s f****g scum and I won’t’ even acknowledge it.”

She then stated that Nene parks her “Rent-a-Royce” in handicapped parking and has roaches in her house. That’s a reach for Kim, I just can’t see Nene having roaches in her home and if she did, the world didn’t have to know about it. Kim is trying to get her peach back, sooner rather than later.

Kim clapped back in her Bravo blog, she’s accused of the “fake” ladies being jealous of her marriage. That is further from the truth, Kim is delusional, too much Botox, who and why would any of these ladies be jealous of her? Kim says that her health issues are NOT excuses, and Nene should be understanding considering that she suffered from blood clots as well.

Kim says these ladies complain about Kroy dropping her off or picking her up from several events. Now why are they jealous again? It’s bizarre. Kim says, “you would think that they would support my healthy, happy marriage, but then again they don’t have that, so why would they? It’s evident that they are envious of mine.”

“I had a stroke, which Nene clearly likes to mock and make fun of. My stroke occurred within an hour of landing from Los Angeles to Atlanta, so I naturally have a fear inside of me of taking a 10+ hour flight. Being in another country and only being able to count on Shereé is a lot. Thinking about that brought the risks to the forefront of my mind, and those risks weren’t worth the reward. I did also consult with my cardiologist (as I’m supposed to) regarding trips this long. My health is very important to me — I have six children that need me! There are certain ladies that supposedly have had blood clots as well, so they should understand.”

“The ladies were saying that I always have an “excuse” to not go on trips, but it’s not an excuse when it’s my reality! You call them excuses, I call them facts! When everyone went to Africa, KJ was 3 weeks old, and Kroy was in football camp. Around the Anguilla trip the following year, I was 34 weeks pregnant with Kash and was not willing to travel to an island that you can only get to via boat or helicopter! Bye, girl, bye!”

“My kids are the most important thing to me; I prioritize my life, my marriage, my kids, and my health — all of which come before these fake ladies.”

However, every time the ladies invite her on a girls trips, she never goes and that’s why Marlo asked if she would be able to go on the trip to Barcelona with African American Friends? That Marlo is something else but I believe her every word she said.

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