Blac Chyna Blocked!!

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Word on the street, Blac Chyna wants to use the “Kardashian,” name in place of her last name White and according to several reliable sources, Kim, Kourtney and Khloe aren’t going for that and they have successfully succeeded in blocking Chyna from using the “Kardashian,” name.

I’m confused, Blac Chyna’s government name is Angela Renee White, why does she believe that she could use the “Kardashian,” name when she isn’t married to Rob who is the father of their daughter Dream? That just doesn’t make any sense, with this information, it only proves what I have been saying from the jump. She was never in love with Rob, I believe she began dating him to get back at her son’s father Tyga who is dating Kylie who is Rob’s younger sister only for a baby. Their fake a$$ relationship was never real, maybe Rob thought it was real, but Chyna new exactly what she was doing. She used him, his sisters tried to tell him, they could see right through her scheme and this is my opinion and I’m sticking to it.

Late last year after Dream was born, Kim, Kourtney and Khloe didn’t want Chyna taking their last name, especially when she and Rob never married. The two were allegedly supposed to get married but I guess Chyna couldn’t fake the funk anymore with Rob, so she called it quits. Once Dream was born, their relationship was over.

The Kardashian sisters ended up filing legal documents with the courts to prevent her from using their name, stating it would “create confusion in the marketplace,” reported by several news and media outlets.

The sisters also stated that Chyna was “deliberately seeking to profit from the goodwill and popularity of the Kardashian name”, reported by several blogs and media outlets. Unless the ex-stripper files her own documents appealing the decision from the court, she will remain Angela Renee White until she gets married, if she ever does.

The Kardashians will not allow Chyna to invade their lives again by trying to take their last name just because she has a baby with Rob. They already don’t like her, it isn’t her fault why the family despises her. Her son’s father began creeping with Kylie on the low low and she was just a teen at the time.

Also, Chyna and Kim were BFF’s and when it was revealed that her younger sister, Kylie was dating her ex-bestie’s son’s father, their relationship ended on a very bad note. Kim didn’t approve of the relationship at the time and neither did the rest of the family, but that still doesn’t make any sense that Chyna wants her last name changed from White to Kardashian.

Chyna is also trying to get work for her son King whose father is Tyga and for Dream whose father is Rob. I think Dream maybe be too young to be a Disney star but King can, they are both adorable children. Chyna is on her way to being a momager just like Kris Jenner, I’m sure she watched how she was able to make the Kardashian name famous!!