BGC East Meets West Reunion!

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The ladies of the Bad Girls Club arrive at the Reunion set and they are ready to lay hands on their enemies. Erica and Tanisha were ready for part 1 of the reunion.

The Bad Girls Club: East Meets West Season 17 are ready to talk through their differences and settle old beefs, but we were in for a surprise when someone decides to skip the reunion.

DeShayla didn’t appear at the reunion, she didn’t want to face Keyiara and Seven after those two were sent home and she clicked with the other girls in the house. When Seven and Key witnessed Shay having fun with the other girls, her actions hurt Key and Seven. Key is still a bully but she does support these girls. She had a concert in Las Vegas and allowed Seven to DJ and she allowed DeShayla to be the hype woman, so for her not show up for the reunion makes her a coward.

Erica Mena is back and she has been a voice of reason for these girls and we know how Erica gets down. She did a lot of fighting on Love and Hip Hop NY, to watch her mentoring and advising these ladies is refreshing, maybe she has changed her behavior to be a better person.

Tanisha mad a call to DeShayla while on the show, she wanted to know why she didn’t appear for the reunion, DeShayla was talking loud and saying nothing. She was invisible in the house anyway but Key protected her from the other girls and so did Seven. DeShayla claims the reason she didn’t appear at the reunion was because she was over it. Over what? Being fake and using Key and Seven as a shield from the other girls? I never liked her anyway!! However, she has been making subliminal tweets on Twitter about her so called girls. Be a woman and stick up for yourself.

I never saw Key or Seven tearing up until this reunion, they felt betrayed on how Shay flipped flopped towards the other girls once they were told to pack their things, they are going home. The other girls realized Shay was by herself and they reached out to her and they all had fun. Shay never felt like this with Key and Seven, but she balled out with Sayora, Francesca, Bre and Kiwanna. That really made them upset, they were the 3 musketeers and by her not showing up to the reunion makes her a scary hoe.

Sayora, Kiwanna and Francesca were up first to talk to Tanisha and she had a lot to say about them all but she thinks Francesca dress was cute, that shit was ugly as HELL! And so was that whack a$$ hairstyle, she looked a hot a$$ mess.

Next up was Seven and Key, as soon as Seven sat down she began taking off her shoes, she was ready for a fight. Once Kiwanna opened her mouth trying to get at Seven, she gets her a$$ tapped again. Security had to break up the fight, when I say fight, Seven wasn’t playing any games with her. Kiwanna needs to stop acting as if she is about this life because she isn’t. Ain’t she tired of getting that big a$$ kicked?

Key was so upset she stormed off the stage where Erica gives her a piece of advice, the same woman who fought every chance she got but I do see a change in Erica. Key returned to the stage and she recognized some of her actions, she said she was never a bully but I beg to differ. That outfit she had on was a hot mess but her hair was pretty, she needs to hire a stylist. She claims she wants to be a lady and not a hood chick who is always fighting. Hopefully that is true, only time will tell.

Susan is back and ready to fight, she has unresolved issues with Sayorra who revealed to the other girls that she was married. Sayorra did expose her truth and Susan was hurt and angry that she would tell her personal business to the girls. Sayorra still doesn’t know what she did wrong, I think she was a blonde woman in another life.

This season had to many fights from the jump and the reunion just started and they were already fighting which was pathetic, immature and petty!! Bre didn’t make part 1 of the reunion but she will be on stage next week with her pink gym shoes to knock a b$tch out.