BGC: East Meets West Recap!!

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Bad Girls Club: East Meets West Recap!! I don’t get how these girls are talking about loyalty when they don’t even know each other. Last week Kiyanna and Keyiara were BFF’s and this week they are both seeing something different in each other. Well, it was the first day and they were getting to know each other, whose to say they will be friends throughout the season? It’s evident already they are going in different directions.

I see why Seven stays in her own lane, she is not with the drama, the gossip and the fakeness. She keeps it real and I hope she does for the entire season because she is demonstrating, just because you’re a bad girl doesn’t mean you always have to do bad things.

Kiyanna is feeling some sort of way about Shay and Sayyora. Kiyanna thinks it’s weird that Shay held Sayyora’s hand after just talking about the girl but then later on Kiyanna and Sayyora are sharing her bed. Sayyora is mad at Susan and she doesn’t want to sleep in the same room as her, so Kiyanna offers her bed which makes Keyiara feel some sort of way.

Kiyanna is bored, she doesn’t like Susan. The girls had a photo shoot and after the shoot they went and had drinks except for Seven, Keyiara and Shay. They got pretty tipsy and on the way home Sayyora says she wants to get her p$ssy ate, Kiyanna says she wants to sit on someone’s face. Susan didn’t like what Kiyanna said and told her not to say that, it snow balled after that. Kiyanna tells Susan she shouldn’t be cheating on her husband and that was it. I didn’t think Susan had it in her but she proved us wrong.

Keyiara and Seven think the argument between Susan and Kiyanna was petty and there was no reason for them to be at each other’s throats especially Kiyanna.

Susan and Sayyora get into it because she feels like Sayyora didn’t have her back when she was arguing with Kiyanna. Sayyora thought it was funny and she’s riding for Kiyanna now. That’s the fake sh$t I’m always talking about, Sayyora was her friend on the first day, now she’s Kiyanna’s friend, what does that say about Sayyora? Like Seven stated earlier and last week, Sayyora is not to be trusted.

Susan confronts Kiyanna about rubbing her vagina on her bed which she didn’t. All she did was sit her big a$$ on her bed and then told the girls she rubbed her vagina on Susan’s bed. When Kiyanna informed the girls what she did, they didn’t approve except for Sayyora. She thought it was funny, it bothered Francesca that she would do something so foul and petty.

When Susan learns what Kiyanna did to her bed, she confronts her. The next thing I see is Susan flinging big a$$ Kiyanna to the floor. Susan held her own and she is not to be messed with but that still didn’t shut Kiyanna up. She should be embarrassed she got her a$$ beat on national television after trying to bully Susan.

Sayyora is still laughing which pisses Keyiara off, she feels like Kiyanna and Susan’s fight escalated because of her. Keyiara runs up on Sayyora and that was the end. I guess we’ll see the results of that fight next week. These girls are hilarious, the only sane ones are Seven and Francesca.