BGC: East Meets West!!

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Bad Girls Club: East Meets West premiere recap!! We have seven new Bad Girls coming from the west to the east for Season 17. Susan is quickly labeled the house misfit and the house hoe, tension builds as Sayyora reveals some of Susan’s dirty secrets. The house instantly take a disliking to Sayyora for talking behind Susan’s back after she reveals her secrets. Kiyanna and Keyaira instantly click as the other girls try to figure out who is real and who is fake.

As the ladies get ready to go out, Susan reveals to Sayyora that she is married. Not only is she married but she isn’t faithful to her husband at 21 years old, doesn’t she understand that her husband will probably see her on the show and everything that she does and says, he will find out? She seems a little dingy and she needs to wear a damn bra, seriously, her sh$t is hanging and there is nothing cute about that.

Susan revealed her secret to the wrong girl, as she told Sayyora, she went and told the whole house which left Seven feeling some sort of way about Sayyora. Seven seems real down to earth, she doesn’t seem to be worried about these girls and their personal secrets but I like how she rides her long board around LA and how free she seems as she is riding. Things get heated as the ladies leave the club and Susan finds out that Sayyora spilled her secret.

Kiyanna tries to calm the tension between Keyaira and Sayyora. But, Keyaira is being fake, she just doesn’t like Sayyora, when she told the girls about Susan being married she was the first to say, “I don’t like her, if its a boyfriend and girlfriend thing that’s different but you made a contract in front of God,” but she never asked Susan if what Sayyora said was true. Now that everyone feels like Sayyora betrayed Susan, she wants to ride for Susan, she fake as f$ck and I do not like her of rip.

As soon as they get back to the house Susan and Sayyora are talking about what transpired on the bus. Everything that Sayyora says, Keyaira is calling her a liar, Keyaira gets mad, the two almost begin fighting if it hadn’t been for her new BFF Kiyanna who pushed Sayyora away from Keyaira.

Kiyanna does what she wants when she wants and isn’t afraid to start a fight. After being bullied as a child for her weight, she developed a thick skin at an early age and harbors a lot of resentment.

This proclaimed “Queen of the Hood” can regularly be found partying in the D.C. area. Seven sparks a flame in everyone she meets but good luck trying to pin this smooth operator down. And though she may have a temper, Seven’s sultry photos on her Instagram show she has a softer side too.

Growing up in a small town, this rocker chick stands out with her pink tipped blonde hair, sexy style and wild persona. Francesca leaves it all out there on her Instagram account.

This firecracker fashionista is always ready to party. A proud east coaster, Deshayla thinks west coasters are boring and weak, but that won’t stop her from hooking up with her roommates as she doesn’t discriminate by area code.

Growing up in a small town in Washington State, Susan got her first taste of the glamorous big city life in Los Angeles and realized there was no turning back. Susan admits she has anger issues and hopes to put her fighting days behind her.

An aspiring rapper and song writer, Keyaira worked hard to avoid the pitfalls of drugs and gang violence that infested her hood. She is unabashedly bold and often rubs people the wrong way.

We will see who will last, who will fight, who will change, who cares and what are these ladies ultimate goals!!