Beyonce’ & The Twins Still Hospitalized

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Hip hop’s royal couple, Jay Z and Beyonce’ welcomed their twins allegedly last week without the world finding out. Beyonce’ looked great during her entire pregnancy and she never stopped performing, she is that tough black woman with a husband and now three children. She just amazes me, she never quits no matter what a person is saying, it just makes her stronger.

Now, here comes Kim and Kanye announcing they are having a third child through a surrogate. Kim does what ever Beyonce’ does, the spotlight isn’t on Kim but its been on Beyonce’ the entire time she has been pregnant. Now we all know that Kanye has some mental issues, why would they have a third baby? It seems to me that Kim is in competition with Beyonce’ and Beyonce’ doesn’t even recognized Kim, the h$e who literally slept her way to the top. And you can bet your bottom dollar, the surrogate they hired has twins, they need to stop trying upstage Beyonce’ because its not about them, its about the Carter family and making sure the twins come home safe and sound.

Allegedly, Beyonce’ and the twins still haven’t left the hospital since their birth due to what sources are saying, “a minor health issue,” the twins were born early, they are premature and what several media outlets are reporting, the twins could have jaundice, a liver condition that causes yellowing of a newborn’s skin and eyes. A lot of babies go through this when they are born early, Beyonce’ is physically fine but she isn’t leaving the hospital without her babies and I can’t blame her. Jaundice isn’t dangerous to the babies but they do need to be under lights until they are able and ready to go home healthy.

The couple still has yet to reveal the birth of the twins or the twins names. I really want to know what their names are, Blue Ivy is so different, I would expect the twins to have names just as special and different.

We are wishing the best for the entire Carter/Knowles family and we are praying for a healthy and speedy recovery.