Beyonce’ Gets Robbed At The Grammy’s!

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Beyonce’ was absolutely beautiful at the Grammy’s with her baby bump full of twins. This years Grammy’s was no different than any other Grammy’s and this is why I do not watch this award show. People didn’t understand why Drake, Justin Bieber and Kanye weren’t attending this year but as you can see, it all makes sense.

Beyonce’ was robbed, her album “Lemonade,” should have won album of the year but they will never give that award to someone black even if that someone is Beyonce’.

Just after delivering her speech after winning a Grammy for album of the year, Adele broke her Grammy in half while onstage, reportedly to give to Beyonce’. That goes from bad to worse, Beyonce’ should have won and given half of a Grammy from Adele, that means nothing and she only did that to save face.

“Like I said in my speech, my album of the year is Lemonade. So a piece of me did die inside, as a Beyoncé stan — not going to lie,” she revealed. “I was completely rooting for her, I voted for her. I felt like it was her time to win. What the f— does she have to do to win album of the year?”

“I felt this album … showed another side to her that we haven’t seen and I felt blessed to be brought into that situation. Obviously the visual is very new and the Grammys are very traditional,” she said backstage. “But I just thought this year would be the year that they would kind of go with the tide. And I am of course very, very grateful having won it. But I felt the need because I love her, because I felt like she was more than worthy.”

“I’m very humbled and I’m very grateful and gracious, but my artist of my life is Beyoncé and this album to me, the Lemonade album, was just so monumental,” she said onstage, acknowledging the expectant singer, who was mere steps away from her.

“It was so monumental and so well thought-out and so beautiful and soul-baring,” Adele continued. “We all got to see another side to you that you don’t always let us see and we appreciate that. All us artists here adore you. You are our light!”

Within minutes of the final award of the year being announced, Solange who picked up her own Grammy, for best R&B performance hinted at a Grammy’s boycott in a cryptic message on Twitter. She has always been her sister’s biggest supporter.

Adele and Beyoncé were in fierce competition during the show, as both were nominated for awards including record of the year, song of the year, and album of the year. Adele won out in all three categories for 25 and “Hello.”

“I love Adele and I love 25 but Beyoncé and Lemonade shaped pop culture more than any other artist and album in 2016,” one Twitter user wrote.

“Adele is a great artist, but come on. Beyoncé made a timeless masterpiece.”

“Lemonade,” should have won album of the year but yet again the Grammy’s make a mockery over our music.