BET Honors 2014

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THE 2014 BET HONORS, Wayne Brady hosts this annual celebration of African-American leaders in music, literature, entertainment, media, service and education. The honorees include Aretha Franklin; Ice Cube; the artist Carrie Mae Weems; Berry Gordy, the founder of Motown Records; and Kenneth Chenault, the chairman of American Express. Mariah Carey, Jennifer Hudson, Smokey Robinson, Janelle Monae, Tamar Braxton, Victory Franklin and Karen Clark Sheard will perform.

The best award show this year, Karen Clark Sheard took us to church singing, “Amazing Grace.” Janelle Monae brought back the Michael Jackson years, her performance was awesome. Mariah Carey with her sexy sultry voice always takes you there. Jennifer Hudson, words cannot express her performance. Aretha Franklin’s son, K.Point came out to a christian rap and introduced his beautiful daughter, Victory Franklin singing just like her grandmother, Ms. Rere. Ice Cube received Entertainer of The Year, this is a man who was first introduced to us with the controversial rap group “NWA”, and now look at him. You can’t tell me dreams aren’t possible, he came from the hood and continues to thrive everyday. Tamar Braxton sang Diana Ross, I think she was doing too much, the look, the singing and the way she was trying to move but she really couldn’t, don’t get me wrong I love Tamar but I love Tamar only when she is singing her songs only. Berry Gordon speaking about his two loves, one Diana Ross a romance and the second love Smokey Robinson a bromance. Berry Gordon has never said publicly he and Diana Ross were in a relationship. I guess it took him almost what 30 years to admit that. He created a movement, music pioneers, movies and now he has a play on Broadway, “Motown”, a man from Detroit.

I was amazed at the BET Honors tonight, kudos to Debra Lee for bringing us Black Entertainment Television. If you haven’t watched, please do, reruns will be airing later on this week.