Bernice Burgos Stalking TI At BET Awards

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Word on the street, the alleged side chick of TI, Bernice Burgos was allegedly kicked out of the BET Awards that aired this past Sunday. Every year the BET Awards is held in Los Angeles and it is the hottest weekend ever.

Anyone who is anybody in hip hop was in Los Angeles partying all weekend and that meant Bernice as well. Several sources have reported that Bernice is so hurt and embarrassed right now, TI never acknowledged her and basically she wasted her time with him. Well, duh b$tch, he was married and he had no intentions of making this h$e, his housewife. She knew that TI was married and she allegedly continued a relationship with him on the side and that is why she is called a side chick.

Bernice got her a$$ to Los Angeles quick, fast and in a hurry, her goal was to make TI pay for hurting her but she hurt her damn self when she allegedly slept with a married man and caught feelings. Her plan was to find TI in Los Angeles wherever he was and she wanted answers, face to face. She has a lot of nerve, she needed to play her role and let all the bull sh$t to the side go. She wanted TI to tell her face to face why he dumped her while he is partying and having fun during the awards show, that makes a whole lot of sense. Good luck with that Bernice!!

According to reliable sources close to Bernice, she feels betrayed and hurt by TI, especially the way he just dumped her without an explanation. She wants a reason and she needs closure, well he is allegedly back with Tiny, isn’t that enough closure for her? Sources are also saying she is heartbroken and embarrassed by the way he’s treating her and he will pay for breaking her heart, allegedly. All I know, TI better watch his back and those bushes, she seems like the type of stalker chick who run out the bushes at midnight with a knife chasing TI.

While in Los Angeles, Bernice wanted TI to see her and remember what he is missing, it couldn’t be too much because he is back at home with his wife and kids. The weekend of the awards, Bernice has been wearing close to nothing, as she shows off her breasts, going to every nightclub looking for TI, see what I mean, stalker, but she has also been posting sexy Snap chat videos of her almost naked body, as well as reaching out to his male friends allegedly and allegedly sending sexy DM’s and flirting with a lot of men he is cool with. That is a sure way for her never to get back with TI, she just f$cked up with the games. This chick is 37 years old and she’s acting like she is 12 years old. She’s trying him but if she continues to try him, she will be in a world of trouble. She has also allegedly come for Chris Brown, sending him sexy videos, when you’re all that and a bag of chips, you don’t have to send sexy videos because he will find you if he wants too.

Chris Brown don’t want this used up a$$ THOT!! She played herself, she is in DJ Khaled’s video where he tells her, “you played yourself,” DAMN!!