Bernice Burgos Clapping Back On Tiny

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Bernice Burgos, alleged side chick of rapper TI who is still married to his wife Tiny decides she is speaking out on a number of things such as: her friendship with Drake, her alleged relationship with TI and the time she claims she went off on Tiny. I don’t recall that situation with her and Tiny but side chicks will make a wife believe some sh$t happened when it never did.

Once rumors hit social media that Bernice was allegedly the reason behind the break up of Tiny and TI, the fans went crazy on her. Tiny did call her Bernice, a “pass around b***” and as far as Tiny was concerned at the time, that’s all she was. She wasn’t really concerned with another one of her husband’s alleged side chicks, they never last long but Bernice went too far trying to solidify a relationship that never really existed to the real world, only in private and she needed that validation. Only, TI wasn’t going to give her that, although he may have cheated on his wife with her, he still had a family and that is his priority.

According to Bernice, the world has it all wrong but she has to remember that she brought this unwanted attention she claims she doesn’t have to the forefront. The fans can only see what is visible to them so I believe she has it wrong but I digress. Bernice Burgos, Instagram model, video vixen and THOT claims that she when she met TI is was due to business deal and what kind of business would that have been?

She’s trying to write her wrongs I guess, I see bull sh$t, she was a side chick back then and she’s still a side chick explaining her story like she has rights. Girl, if you don’t sit your old a$$ down and find an old man to spoil you. She tries her explaining clapping back at Tiny:

“I was shocked with myself too, I ‘m very disappointed with what I did. I’m not saying I regret it but I learned by being on social media. Social media will sometimes put you in a place where you have to fight with people that you don’t know. I replied because I was listening to social media.”

“It was only for business, I got introduced for a movie. People need to stop—just because I’m pretty, just because I’m a video vixen. Stop with this video vixen s***.”

“The other day La La was here and I heard the interview and Angela were saying do you speak to the bartenders and video vixens–even though you were trying to say my name, you KNOW me. You coulda said, ‘What about the young ladies that are on the show?’ You said video vixens. “You saying it great right now [Angela], but when I heard it you said, ‘Oh you speak to bartenders and video vixens?’”

“Someone bought me a gift, why not? I’m a nice girl. I have a Bentley and I have a Range right now.” Charlamagne, so ignorant, he asked: “You know how good your p*** gotta be to get a Bentley?”

“Yeah, my cousin say that all the time. […] No, [it wasn’t Drake who bought the Bentley]. It’s somebody who was in my life and was still in my life. Drake is the sweetest person ever. He’s always been good to me. I would go to his wedding right now if he gets married.”

“To be honest—it was in a basement. But she had it set up real nice, it was a house though. It was so many years ago—I did my butt first. It was in the Bronx, it was the first thing I did right after I had my second daughter. So she hooked it up real cute.”

All I can say, she hasn’t cleared up anything and she is dingier than a damn flat a$$ pancake, reading is fundamental!!