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Being Mary Jane Recap!!



Being Mary Jane Recap!! Let me first start by stating I do not like this Lee character, bring David back. Lee doesn’t fit well with Mary Jane and the show is starting to turn me off as long as Lee is in the picture.

Kara saves the day for Mary Jane with the perfect opportunity: covering the Racial Justice Coalition’s annual Thurgood Marshall event in Atlanta.

Kara locked in the coverage thanks to her relationship with fine a$$ Orlando Lagos that’s translating into office perks. MJ is welcomed by the family and instead of staying at the Ritz Carlton, she spends the weekend at home to help with her nephew Treyvion. Niecey informs her aunt that her son is still having nightmares and has progressed to biting kids in school.

Not long after MJ drops her bag, Lee surprises her by showing up at her front door. The family welcomes him, but he cannot sleep with Mary Jane, he has to sleep in the living room. And at the dinner, Niecey grills him on his intentions with her aunt and her parents share what “sidity” and hog head cheese is.

While MJ gets press credentials, Lee continues to bond with the family and they all fall for him, why I don’t know, I just can’t see it. After dinner, MJ takes him to the drive-in theater where she had many firsts. Later that night, a secret hook up goes south when Mrs. Patterson catches him naked looking a hot a$$ mess.

Mrs. Patterson thinks this is a good time to question MJ on her relationship with Lee, who she finds out is serious about being with her daughter. She really wasn’t all that mad when she stumbled in on him naked which is surprising to me. Lee bonds over making hog head cheese with Mr. Patterson and they seem to really be bonding.

“That’s why I make this,” he says, explaining the family tradition of hog head cheese to Lee. “My kids think it’s nasty. But it reminds me of my papa and all the things he went through to give us a better life.”

Lee also helps Niecey with Treyvion by sending out a funny tweet —that’s liked by Beyonce— and suggesting therapy. At the main event, MJ interviews Andrew Young, Dr. CT Vivian and Mayor Kasim Reed before coming in and betting that she can sit with the rumored new Supreme Court nominee. Lee helps her get a sit down with the judge, that angers her old station rival Vlad.

Vlad, her rival is mad at Lee for intervening and allowing Mary Jane her chance with the judge. Vlad gets his wife instead, who will convince judge to give MJ an exclusive. After, Vlad comes over, throws money at MJ and says, “She’s tough, she can take it” while licking his lips. Lee punches him in defense of MJ, who we’ve never seen so proud of her man.Lee inviting the family to his show, where he asks Mrs. Patterson to sing in honor of a friend who passed. It all feels perfect. Hopefully this feeling continues.

They head back to ‘the parking lot of firsts’ and recreate their first sexual encounter, where Lee asks, “Tell me what you want?”

“I want you to tell me you love me,” MJ says. “I love you,” he says. “I love you too,” MJ responds. “You can have it all. Remember that. “This was weird, I don’t think I ever heard say I love you to David, by the way I miss David, bring him back, get rid of Lee, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

While sharing old mementos, Mrs. Patterson tells MJ that she should cherish Lee. “This Lee, he just might be the one. Just don’t mess it up,” she says.

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Queen Sugar Finale



Queen Sugar Finale aired and it left us with a lot of questions and that’s the way a show should end. One of the best drama series on tv right now, hate the season ended but it gives us a reason to get ready for next season!!

Nova is sitting with her reporter friend at the farmhouse while her friend interviews one of the farmers that works at the farm. Darla shows up; she wants to get some of her things from inside the house, but Nova isn’t having it, she already doesn’t trust Darla, and can’t understand why she never told anyone the truth about Blue, and why she would tell now? Darla held on to this secret for 7 years. Darla tries to explains her lies, she chose what she thought was best for Blue, but Nova tells her; she chose lies, not what was best.

Charley is so mad at the Landry’s, they are affecting her mill and her money, she confronts Jacob Boudreaux, who admits he has been worried about Charley’s next game plan. He admits to spreading rumors about her farm. He wants Charley, he is intrigued by her, he begins to flirt with her and she is just playing a game.

Another farmer lets Ralph Angel know they can’t work with the Queen Sugar mill anymore; they’re nervous about all the rumors. At the mill, Charley is on the phone trying to save her mill but the owners are worried about the rumors and the machinery at the mill isn’t working properly, but those are lies coming from the Landry’s.

Hollywood receives a phone call from the lawyer from the rig lawsuit, who tells him that the company settled for triple the amount they originally thought they would. Hollywood screams to V that they are now rich. Hollywood is the type of person who will share his money with the world.

Ralph Angel confronts Darla about her lies and she tells him she couldn’t remember who she slept with at that time and she did what she thought was best for Blue. Ralph Angel tells Darla they are over, he can’t trust her at all but he will always be Blue’s father. He then picks Blue up from Aunt V, Blue was sleep but he woke up once he saw his face and asked his pop where has he been? Ralph Angel explained to him it was harvest time and he told Blue how he got his name.

I love the relationship Ralph Angel and Blue have, he loves his pop, to take him away would break Ralph Angel’s heart and tear Blue up.

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Empire Recap



Empire has returned and I am so happy, this episode didn’t disappoint but the last few were a disappointment. So how does Lucious go from not remembering his past and not walking to walking and remembering more of his past every day? I am so confused but this episode was definitely entertaining.

Hakeem and Anika are in family court fighting each other for full custody of baby Bella. I must say, Hakeem stepped up to the plate to be the best father he could be and now he’s fighting Anika for his daughter. The morning of the hearing, of course Hakeem has his family in court with him as well as Tiana.

The courtroom is full of vultures, who will do whatever it takes to get the next story to sell, they have cameras and picket signs in the court room. This female judge wasn’t playing with anybody and she seems like a tough judge. I didn’t know Angelo was an attorney, I thought his cousin was the attorney but I guess not because he is Anika’s attorney and everyone knows that he is only trying to get back at Cookie for humiliating him. Angelo gives his opening argument, the judge sends best wishes to his mother.

Angelo goes all the way in on the Lyons and praises Anika when he doesn’t even know her. Does the judge know that Anika killed her future son in laws baby by pushing her off the balcony? Anika is very sneaky, she always has a trick bag with her and this makes no difference. While Angelo praises Anika, he doesn’t praise Hakeem, he talked about his drug and sex parties. Angelo calls The Lyons criminals and thugs, he says they are not in a position to have baby Bella with them at all. Anika did do time, her skeletons came out in court and she was still able to get full custody of her daughter.

Hakeem is definitely worried about his baby, Angelo calls Cookie to the stand, and prison comes up. Cookie is smart, her street smartness gives her game, she knew how to handle herself in court. She talks about Hakeem and how he’s a wonderful father to his daughter, the kind of parent she wanted to be but couldn’t. Angelo brings up the fight between Anika and Cookie, calling Cookie violent but never saying anything bad about Anika. At one point in her life Anika was going to kill herself and she asked Cookie to take care of Bella. All of a sudden whack a$$ Angelo brings up that Cookie had thugs beat him up.

Lucious is back, the real Lucious but I’m still not convinced that he ever lost his memory, I believe he was just playing his part. Lucious decides he wants to testify and he gets that chance, when Angelo asks Lucious about his past as “the scariest man in music,” Lucious claims he can’t remember due to his memory loss. Lucious loves Bella and all the memories she’s given him, because of Bella, he wants to try and change his ways for the best!

Hakeem, decides to fire his lawyer and speak for himself, he really didn’t have a legitimate reason as to why he fired him but he did and that was that. He gets Anika on the stand asking personal questions about Bella. Then Hakeem reminds her that his door was always open; he wanted her to get to know Bella, but she had to file this custody suit on him.

Mrs. DuBois has returned just in time to throw Hakeem under the bus, she gets on the stand and talks about how she finds Hakeem a very pleasant young man, which she knows because he’s spent every Tuesday afternoon with her for the past five months. The look on Cookie’s face was priceless. Mrs. Dubois also videotaped their meetings, he betrayed his family when he says terrible, damning things about every single member of his family: Jamal has his pills, Andre has his illness, he also says Andre’s baby dying was “probably for the best”, Hakeem wishes Cookie was still in jail, and Lucious is a monster.

Of course the judge rules and gives Anika full custody of baby Bella. Hakeem is devastated, the entire Lyon family is hurting for Hakeem and Bella.

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