BBWLA–Whacky Jackie & Open Letter

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Basketball Wives LA Jackie Christie has obviously been receiving some negative feedback from the fans and viewers about her relationship with oldest daughter Ta’Kari and youngest daughter Chantel. Jackie is a reality star, when she decided to join the hit reality show, that left her life open for the fans and the viewers to judge and make assumptions about her life.

Although Jackie owes us nothing, she decided to have her life exposed. Its so obvious that she treats her oldest daughter like she doesn’t exist but she kisses the ground that her youngest daughter walks. Chantel Christie despises her mother and it she makes it very clear that she doesn’t want her mother trying to run her daughters life the way she tried to run her life when she was growing up.

Jackie is feeling guilty about her role in oldest daughter Ta’Kari’s life which basically is no role. Last year, Ta’Kari’s son suffered a very serious burn accident at a day care he belonged you. Ta’kari needed help with her medical bills, she made a Go-Fund-Me-Page asking for donations. Yes that is embarrassing when your mother is a reality star and your step-dad is in the NBA, I believe if Jackie would have assisted her daughter with the medical bills she wouldn’t need to make a Go-Fund-Me-Account. However, Evelyn Lozada saw the page and decided to pay the account in full, she wasn’t asking for anything in return, as a mother of a daughter who could be in the same position, she just paid the account. Evelyn never reached out to Jackie to discuss what took place, she just paid it and Jackie made it more than what it really was. That’s only because of the guilt she felt, someone else paid her daughters medical bills, Jackie is about image and at that moment, she felt that Evelyn was trying to embarrass her. Evelyn didn’t need to do that, she did that on her own.

When Basketball Wives LA premiered this season, Jackie felt as if Evelyn poked her nose in her families business and she was going to check the dog sh$t out of her. This is what she told Tami who has her own issues with Evelyn. When the two ladies meet up, Evelyn explained why she paid the account and didn’t think it was a big deal. All the sh$t whacky Jackie was saying about Evelyn to Tami went out the window and Jackie began kissing Evelyn’s a$$. That’s why I believe she should be checked out for multiple personality disorders and she needs to give up the liquor, especially her own liquor. It has distorted her brain cells, she doesn’t see where she was wrong as a mother.

But I digress, it appears that the viewers and the fans have come to a realization about whacky Jackie and both of her daughters, so she decides to address the issue in an open letter on her Instagram page to the fans and the viewers.

“I think it’s about time I share a little bit more about me and my life with y’all since so many of you “think” you may know, but really you’re just being fed BS. Hey, I get it, it’s easier to believe lies and propaganda. I’ve always been one to keep quiet about abusive untruths when it comes to my public life and profile. As I know all too well, it’s nearly impossible to correct of change public opinion once you allow the satire and total fabrications to be spread to the masses.”

“So, at this point I’m not going to try to change the mind of anyone. I’m simply going to speak from my heart to all of you in hopes you get a glimpse into my world from a different, more private perspective.”

Can someone tell me where she addressed the issues at all in this fake a$$ open letter? That is why I believe she needs psychiatric help, the only person she is fooling is one of those multiple personalities. If she ever owns her sh$t, people may understand who Jackie Christie really is but she is so used to shucking and jiving the issue, we will only know whacky Jackie and not Jackie Christie.