BBWLA Tami Roman VS Evelyn Lozada!!

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Basketball Wives LA is returning for the sixth season of the hit reality show. I understand there will be a whole lot of drama with newbies and the originals but the biggest beef remains between Tami Roman and Evelyn Lozada. I don’t care for Evelyn at all, she is as fake as a two dollar bill, I love Tami, she keeps it real even when she’s wrong and that isn’t often.

Tami believed the beef she had with Evelyn was over and she found out during an interview Evelyn gave and revealed she was still beefing with Tami. Now we all know that Evelyn is afraid of Tami but I really believed that she never thought they would be on another reality show with her again and would never get into another altercation with her, she felt safe.

The sixth season of the Basketball Wives LA returns on Monday, April 17th at 9pm on VH1 and I definitely believe this might be the best season ever. With the beef between Tami and Evelyn, Shaunie always finds herself in the middle because she is friends with both ladies and all she wants is for the two women is to work out their differences.

Tami’s isn’t the only basketball wife who has an issue with Evelyn, whacky Jackie Christie has a bone to pick with her and that seems extremely odd because I never thought Jackie and Evelyn had any issues. Evelyn is definitely fake, Jackie is crazy and nutty but why are they beefing? Not really sure but Jackie loves her some Tami no matter how shady Tami can be towards her.

We have learned that newbie Keonna Green who has a child with NBA baller Nick Young has joined the show and she claims she is in LA and ready to clear up negative rumors about her, but I really don’t think this reality show will clear up her name, she is who she is. Aja Metoyer, and her sisters Cristen and Melissa, will join the show as well along with Bonnie-Jill Laflin, the first female scout in the league.

This crew seems a bit too much, there is no way in HELL they will all get along. I’m definitely looking forward to see how all of these ladies interact with each other. It should be a popping season!!

However, there is some good news, Chantel Christie, daughter of Jackie Christie, finally posted a picture of her three month old baby girl, and she is absolutely beautiful, beyond cuteness!

Chantel gave birth to her daughter during the Christmas holidays, she named her Saniyah and she is just adorable. I’m curious if Jackie treats Chantel’s daughter better than her daughter Takari who has children also? DUH, Jackie only loves Chantel and Doug Jr., Takari’s skin is too dark for her mother to love her and that is truly sad and why she is known as whacky Jackie.

Congrats to Chantel and her beautiful baby, but who is her child’s father? What does Jackie have to say now about her precious Chantel?