BBWLA Saniy’yah Who Is She

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Basketball Wives LA has a newbie on board and she is celebrity stylist Saniy’yah who seems to be rough, uncut, hood, ratchet and ghetto. Her appearance on the show last week didn’t leave much to be desired, but when she admitted to dating a top player of the NBA who had a woman with three kids, we perked right up.

Evelyn decides that Cristen needs a makeover because she didn’t like her biker shorts, Cristen has a man and if he is satisfied with how she looks and the clothes that she wears, that is between her and her man, not Evelyn. But I digress, Evelyn meets with stylist Saniy’yah to discuss makeover plans for Cristen while they are all spending time in Palm Springs.

When Evelyn breaks the news to Cristen in front of the ladies that she has a stylist coming to do a makeover, Cristen felt ambushed, especially by Evelyn. She really believed Evelyn had her back, she has revealed her personal issues about herself to Evelyn and she never thought in a million years that Evelyn would betray her. Evelyn tries to back pedal as the reason she wanted her to get this makeover, but by then Cristen felt judged.

She needed to walk away, Jackie followed her and told her she knew nothing about the makeover. This is why whacky Jackie gets herself in trouble, she talks too much and sh needs to just zip it. She lied just that quick to Cristen knowing that she was sitting at the table with Evelyn and Saniy’yah when they discussed Cristen’s makeover. When Cristen found out that Jackie lied to her, the makeover idea was a bust at that point but she decided to give it a try.

The makeover turns into chaos when several insults and below the belt comments were thrown towards Cristen from Saniya’yah. She called Cristen broke, she had no style and a lot more digs, she wasn’t being shady, just outspoken and Cristen begins to cry which made Evelyn cry. Evelyn apologized, she says she meant no harm, but Evelyn joked about the girls biker shorts, so I’m not feeling her tears. I felt bad for Cristen, these ladies didn’t seem to have her back.

Saniyay’yah is rough around the edges and her personality and demeanor rubbed the ladies the wrong way especially Cristen. But Jackie may have found a new friend, she invited Saniy’yah to stay with them in Palm Springs which hurt Cristen’s feelings, how could Jackie laugh and joke with the woman who was so rude and ugly towards her? Whacky Jackie needs a friend.

So who is Saniya’yah and why is she on Basketball Wives LA? Word on the street, she is known as a scammer stylist who has allegedly been arrested on grand theft charges, but real talk, who hasn’t been arrested? Not on grand theft charges though but she is from Philadelphia. She has also allegedly been involved in credit card scams to drug trafficking and allegedly she allowed superstars like Allen Iverson, Fabolous, and Rick Ross to get in those panties.

So when she mentioned that she dated a NBA player who was at the top of his game, Shaunie’s look said it all but we wanted to know who this baller was. Shaunie has a good idea who that baller was but my money is on Allen Iverson. She said she was in love with him, she attended all of his games, sat court side, she was aware of his baby mama at the time, they had 3 children and later on he married her and broke Saniy’yah’s heart.

Saniy’yah claims that she and him are still friends but it he broke her heart and she still loves him. Shaunie asked if she knew about his baby mama? Saniy’yah stated yes but she still loved him. The look on everyone’s face except for Jackie was like I wanna kill this b$tch. Saniya’yah doesn’t seem to care, she says what she wants, how she feels and doesn’t care how her words affect others around her.

Allegedly Saniyyah was fired from her stylist job with rapper Meek Mill after he found out she was allegedly stealing money from him. So, this is the newbie who has been added to the show? What is VH1 trying to do with adding someone like her to the show?

Cristen never did get that makeover and Evelyn realizes she stepped in some sh$t bringing Saniya’yah along because now she is part of the show. She will bring some heat to the show along with some ratchetness.