BBWLA Saniy’yah Clearing Her Name

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BBWLA newbie Saniy’yah Samaa wants to try and clear her name with the rumors that have been circulating about her shady past. After making her appearance on Basketball Wives LA, social media was blowing up, apparently she is well known and has been trying to be apart of the show for a minute.

We all know fans of the show immediately dig some digging and learned some interesting things about Ms. Saniy’yah Samaa. Allegedly the social media world has already heard about her “shady activities”, years ago. During her appearance on the show, she was rough, gutter, rude, hood, ghetto, ratchet and outspoken, which did not make her look good at all, especially when she revealed she dated a previous NBA athlete who she claims was at the top of his game. Well, we figured it out, it was Allen Iverson and that’s why social media was blowing up and why they did some investigating to find out who that baller was.

The celebrity stylist has been rumored to have been a scammer, rapper side piece and mistress to Allen Iverson allegedly. She has also allegedly stole money from rapper Meek Mill when she was his stylist and he fired her from stealing. Today, she says that the scammer part is not true, of course its not true, so she says. She never addressed the sidepiece or the Allen Iverson situation, but hey, what’s done in the dark, will come to the light, all of her skeletons will eventually be exposed.

Saniy’yah addressed allegations on her Instagram:

To address all these “theft” rumors in my comments… In 2011 I stayed at a hotel in ATL on a “hookup”… the room was in someone else’s name (on their hookup) but my ID was used to check myself in. Me and (a close friend at the time) stayed there for approximately 4 or 5 days and ran up a room service bill. We left the hotel with unpaid charges. Being as tho my ID was on file, they put the charges on me. I later found out I had a warrant for this. Time went by and I was no longer friends with this person….. In 2012 I was staying in ATL at another hotel and posted a pic with my location. A person that I once considered a FRIEND contacted Atlanta PD and told where I was staying. I was arrested early that next morning for THEFT OF SERVICE!!! This same FRIEND waited for my mug shot to be posted online and blasted it all over social media along with a made up story that I robbed Meek Mill, stole from him and a bunch of other bullshit. In an attempt to slander my name or embarrass me. 🤷🏽‍♀️ I still, til this day, do not know what I did to deserve this!! However, for the past 5yrs I’ve had to live with these LIES and wear the label of a THIEF on my back. I’ve also waited 5yrs for Meek (another person I considered a friend) to speak up for me. Being as tho the rumors were NOT TRUE!! That day never came. I brushed it off and went on living my life. My career as “celebrity stylist” was hindered.. but that never stopped me!!! I was given the opportunity to be apart of a hit tv show “BASKETBALL WIVES LA”… not as “The ex of…” “The baby mother of…” “The wife of…” but SANIY’YAH “CELEBRITY STYLIST” to the stars!! LOOK AT GOD!!!! 🙌🏽 I have the opportunity to tell MY STORY to the WORLD and finally clear my good name!!!

We will never know the truth, there are always three sides to a story, her side, his side and the truth lies somewhere in the middle. What I do know, she and Jackie have clicked up and now whacky Jackie has a new friend. Saniy’yah better watch out for Jackie, she is messy and will turn on her in a second just like she did with Cristen.